Tricks To Avoid Ad Blindness From Your Visitors

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Tricks To Avoid Ad Blindness From Your Visitors

What is Ad Blindness?

In this blog, we’re going to give you our top tricks to avoid ad blindness from your visitors!

A phenomenon – known as ad blindness, is widely responsible for poor ad performance.

It is often when searching the web that the informative content you are looking for is surrounded by ‘noise’ – ads (usually in the form of a banner). How often do we click on those ads?

We know – not often. As a business owner, trying to get your name out there against competitors is tough. So you’d hope that the ads you’re paying for are being noticed, in turn, your site is being visited!

As consumers, we have become accustomed to seeing these banner ads so in turn, just ignore them. As business owners, our banner ads aren’t driving the traffic to our website.

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How To Avoid Ad Blindness

There are ways in which we can use our ads to drive traffic to our websites – the main intention!

Rotate Ads

It goes without saying that fresh content drives traffic to your website. That’s the same for ads! By continuously rotating what ads you publish, you are more likely to attract customers as they will be seeing different things and drawing their attention to your ads more.

By getting creative with the format and layout of our ads we can experiment and monitor what works!

High Traffic Areas

Be sure to place your ads in high traffic areas. Gathering the analytics on where traffic visits most is a brilliant option to avoid ad blindness.

Placing your ad on an area of a page that gets the most attention eg. near social links or the navigation bar draws more attention to it. Ad placement is just as important as ad creation! Embedding your ads into the content is always a good way of catching the viewers’ attention – interrupt their content viewing!

A/B Testing on location is a good way to start gathering the right data.

Fewer Ads

Good for the user and good for your SEO! The lower the number of ads, the more attention the ad receives. A user ignores noise – lots of ads are overwhelming to the consumer’s eye. Make your ad stand out to avoid it looking like spam!

Native Advertising

What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising – in a nutshell, is making the ads look like the website that is hosting the ads. By looking like part of the content on the page, more people are likely to notice the content of your ads as it doesn’t scare them off – by looking like an ad!

Although we recommend creating ads that pop out the website users in an attempt to draw their attention to you, native advertising is an option to experiment with if your original strategy isn’t driving traffic.

Include A CTA

Yes, the human brain may skip past things that they view as spam, no matter how pretty the design. But usually, a person responds to a call to action differently. By giving the website users something they ‘must’ do, it provides a voice of authority. Include a CTA in your ads like: ‘Call Us’, ‘Visit Us’, ‘Book Your Free Demo’.

Ad blindness is an adaptation that has evolved over time. We, as users, are so accustomed to website pages, we know how to sieve through the ‘noise’ to find our information. Business owners- follow our tricks to beat ad blindness and get traffic to your site!

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