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Twitter Adds New Newsletter Subscription Feature

If you’re an author, writer, content creator, expert in your field, podcaster, entrepreneur or if you want to connect with your audience through email, this news is for you!

Twitter has recently announced that it is going to be adding a Newsletter feature to the platform, including a “Subscribe” button to user profiles. An exact date hasn’t been given, but the new update is expected to roll out relatively soon, first to web and Android and then to iOS.

The newsletter subscription button is the result of an integration between Twitter and Revue, a subscription newsletter service that Twitter purchased back in January. It is a big step in enabling publishers to grow and monetize their Twitter and newsletter audiences.

What Does This Twitter Update Mean?

This new feature allows your Twitter audience to quickly sign up to your email newsletter via a button that is always displayed on your Twitter profile.

The button will appear beneath the mutual follower’s section and Twitter users will be able to view a sample issue of one of your previous newsletters before they commit to subscribing.

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Once they subscribe (and have confirmed their subscription via their email), any newsletters you send out will be sent to the email address associated with the user’s Twitter account.

It’s a handy feature – especially if you have a larger Twitter following. However, it is only available if you use Revue. If you already have a Revue account and use the platform to create and send newsletters, you can activate the feature directly in Revue.

If you don’t use Revue, but you’re interested in doing so, you can create a free account.

What Is Revue?

Revue launched in 2015 and was acquired by Twitter in January 2021. In competition with the likes of MailChimp, MailPoet and Sendgrid, this Dutch start-up platform allows users to write, edit and publish their newsletters to subscribers without leaving the platform.

It also allows users to monetize their newsletters. Revue users are able to easily generate free or paid subscription newsletters, with Twitter taking a 5% cut of revenue earned through paid newsletter subscriptions.

Revue integrates multiple services needed to run a successful newsletter. This is incredibly convenient for users as it simplifies and accelerates the process of publishing and distributing a newsletter.


Need Help With Your Newsletter?

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