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What are Twitter Intent Events

Putting it in the most accessible form possible, Twitter Intent Events allows you to monitor the way visitors to your site engage with Twitter.

What is Twitter Intent Events Tracking?

There are now ways to track your Twitter intent events with Google Analytics. 

2am’s head of development Leon Smith has been working on a bit of a solution which looks as though it will work quite well.

So what’s all the fuss?

It stands to reason that you want to know what’s happening on your website. 

Twitter intent events tracking allows you to measure the interaction with integrated Twitter products such as web intent, the Tweet button and the Follow button.

Do I need to understand how people interact with Twitter on my website?

In a word, YES!! Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly important. They can produce significant referrals back to your website.

 They are also used as not insignificant ranking factors by the leading search engines. So it’s going to benefit your SEO too.

Read more about Twitter Intent Events.

How Do I Start SEO

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