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Unbounce Review

I’ve been working on PPC campaigns since 2007, in that time I’ve managed huge campaigns with tens of thousands of keywords spending £80,000+ a month down to small campaigns spending a few hundred pounds a month with only a select group of keywords and one of the key things that makes a successful campaign is the message and the landing page it’s on.

Now there are several trains of thought on landing pages and it depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what the product/services you’re trying to sell are (ie for products, you want to hit a product page, for a high value proposition, you might not want to drop someone on a traditional landing page (with all the points of exit and contact details etc removed), however for a lead gen campaign, if you’ve not got a developer to hand – this often happens when you’re acting as a freelance ppc consultant – you could do a lot worse than sign yourself up to Unbounce.

Historically I’ve always worked with designers and developers who are more than capable of creating some interesting and effective landing pages (and I’m not too bad at that myself!) but Unbounce allows virtually anyone to create a perfectly workable, on brand, high performing landing page with their easy to use page editor.

The best bit is they give you an visitor limited free 30-day trial which will give you plenty of time to work out what’s going to work and what’s not, by carrying loads of split tests on pages, creating different landing pages for different campaigns etc, all of which can be based on a subdomain of you own website by simply altering the C Name records.

The basic templates in are amazing (there are about 80 to choose from) and you can see how much testing and understanding has gone into perfecting these – this is years worth of study, failing and making it work! I’m confident these are the best landing page templates you’re likely to find anywhere online, plus you can completely customise what’s there to make them better suit the requirements of your business.

Unbounce Template Examples
Most of the design process is drag and drop, with elements snapping into different columns and rows on the grid as you go along.

Then there is the hugely powerful A/B testing options, it’s really simple gives you some great stats and simply lets you work out how people are interacting with the different variant pages you’ve created – then y0u can get rid of what doesn’t work to quickly and simply improve your campaigns performance. Try, Test, Improve – Rapidly. A joy to a marketer!

Probably the biggest drawback to Unbounce is the pricing model – this package is definitely geared towards those agencies that are managing multiple campaigns, or those with big adwords accounts that have them working really well. There again as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for – and Unbounce is almost certainly the market leader in landing page solutions.

Unbounce Pricing

Ultimately I think this is fantastic, I’ve been struggling to get developers and designers to create and analyse landing pages for years now, sometimes it’s worked really well and other times it’s not and the holes in the process have always been the amount of speculation in interpreting the data returned – this is so great for analysing and perfecting the campaigns.

If you want to find out more visit: Unbounce.

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