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Universal Analytics is now open in Google Analytics

Since Google introduced their market leading free package Google Ananlytics the way we use the web has changed. We no longer simply surf the net from our desk in the office or from our desktop computer at home, nowadays we use loads of different devices and browsers to find content. Later last year, Google announced it would be lanuching a package to improve the way it tracks a website’s visitors, they are calling it Universal Analytics.

When Google first launched Universal Analytics it was only available in Beta for Google Analytics Premium customers, and only through the new Measurement Protocol. The team behind Google Analytics has now announced Universal Analytics will shortly become available to all users of Gogle Analytics.

Google states that Universal Analytics will benefit the user through:

  • Better understanding of how your customers engage with your business with interacting through different devices
  • Understanding of how your mobile apps are performing
  • Integrating offline and online engagements enabling you to determine where you’re getting your best results

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There’s no instructions for converting Google Analytics data into Universal Analytics data, you simply have to set up a new property in your Google Analytics account and add the new tracking code to the site.

The reason for this is because Universal Analytics is based on the new Measurement Protocol which doesn’t use the standard Google Analytics tracking IDs and cookies that have previously been used.

My suggestion would be to have a play with the functionality, but wait for Google to confirm what’s happening, they’ve said they will be launching a migration guide in the future.

All in all, it’s really positive news that Universal Analytics is almost upon us! It’s about time we brought our tracking of data into the mobile age.

Universal Analytics is now open in Google Analytics

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