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Using Content Marketing Campaigns In 2020

According to a survey produced by the World Media Group, nearly 80% of marketers think that the use of content marketing campaigns is going to increase this year.

The type of marketing that will be used looks set to change too. Marketers are looking outside of traditional methods and starting to tap into the lucrative podcast market.

More visual content is going to be used and they will try to utilise new technology like augmented reality.

Jillian Ryan, who is a Principal Analyst at eMarketer spoke about the results of the survey.

“Content, when produced strategically and with regularity, can be the backbone of a marketing and advertising plan. It should be created for a specific audience and shared in the most relevant channel to reach the intended audience. Brands are starting to realize that content-led strategies can inform and provide fuel for most of their other marketing and advertising initiatives.”

Content Marketing Trends In 2020

We mentioned earlier about markers looking to use marketing in different ways this decade. So, what kinds of marketing techniques will be trending this year?

Long Blogs!

Yes, we know you all love to write blogs and the good news is that this is set to continue in 2020.

The even better news is that they will need to be LONGER.

Many of the SEO gurus, such as SearchEngineJournal have all noticed that the SERP queries are bringing back longer articles at the top of the results.

Not just longer articles either packed with padding and the contents of a thesaurus emptied on the screen.

The top results were full of facts, data, examples, you know like properly written articles that journalists would write.

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Better Content Planning

According to Google Trends, content creation is peaking and more and more forward-thinking companies are seeing that it works.

So, more and more companies are willing to pay digital marketing companies for good content creation.

As a marketer, you need to be able to show that what you do stands on the shoulders of your competitors.

A well thought out and researched content creation campaign will reap dividends, so keyword research, planning a content strategy of what will be created and importantly, why it will be created is vital.

Creating a content calendar is an excellent idea and something that can be shared with your clients.

In fact we have put together a content calendar template on our website that is free to download.

Optimisation, editing, using the right graphics, making sure that content is shared across multiple platforms, will all help.

Of course, all of this, if it is done well, is going to take time and there are no shortcuts here, you have to be willing to do the work!

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Personalised Content

Another survey (we do like surveys here at Grow Traffic) this time from Everage, shows that content personalisation is proving to be increasingly successful.

The survey shows that in 2019, over 90% of markers were using personalised content for at least one of their digital marketing strategy channels.

Because it takes some time to be able to successfully use personalised content it hasn’t always been something that marketers would choose to do first.

The data gathering process needs to be done well. One of the keys to this combining analytical data with data collected in CRMs.

The logic being if you can target some content to a user or users that tick most, if not all of the boxes in your products demographic then you are more likely to convert this into a sale.


We briefly mentioned this earlier, but we thought we would give you a few brief tips on podcasts.

Yes, it is easy to and yes all you need is a phone or laptop to record it on.

That’s why at least 90% of podcasts out there are awful.

Indeed, there are so many that it has meant that the collective noun for a group of men is now ‘a podcast’.

So, to avoid this we would recommend that you invest in a good microphone first. They can be picked up relatively cheap these days, so you don’t have to break the bank.

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Some editing software is a must, 4-hour podcasts with awkward silences or speech that disappears like a paywalled article in The Times will just drive people away, a long way away.

Plan it out properly, a good podcast sounds like a chat in a pub or café between two or three friends.

But that is normally because it has been planned and the hosts and guests have good chemistry.

Unless you happen to employ Eddie Izzard or Sara Pascoe you will need to have some structure, especially for the first few podcasts.

In the same way that you would plan and structure a blog, you need to do this with podcasts and videos.

It can vary, but we would say keep them short, between 30 and 60 minutes. Any longer is going to be a waste of time.

One of our Directors, Rachel is going to be putting together a Grow Traffic podcast soon and she said “Podcasts and audiobooks have taken off in a way that we couldn’t have predicted, the fact you can listen wherever you are or whatever you are doing means that we can consume more information than ever before. We can’t wait to get cracking with ours and unleash the personalities of our Grow Traffic team upon the world!”


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