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Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

Technology has changed drastically over the years, that’s why businesses must constantly adapt their branding and marketing accordingly. As hundreds of users sign up each day, LinkedIn is getting more crowded, so how can I grow my business?

Let’s start with LinkedIn itself.

With more than 770 million users, according to its website, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms on the Internet. In my opinion, it’s also the best platform for growing your business professionally, it allows you to advertise to like minded people.

I reiterate that point, unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn is a professional platform designed to help you establish and reinforce business relationships.

Can LinkedIn Help Grow My Business?

LinkedIn is a powerful content marketing, networking, and lead generation social platform. Over 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content marketing tool and another 89% use it for lead generation.

Here are my top tips when using LinkedIn to grow your business:

Your Profile

When you set up your LinkedIn account it highlights different features that you need to utilise to complete your profile. Make sure you add to add your logo and header picture, an overview of your business, key terms and phrases so LinkedIn users can easily find your business. Lastly, add a call to action button to encourage conversion.

LinkedIn has found businesses to get 30% more weekly views when your profile is complete.

A screenshot of the GrowTraffic LinkedIn page


Add pictures, videos, and give your employees a voice with the new ‘My company’ tab to help expand your brand’s reach in a credible, authentic way. Showcasing your employees allows users and potential customers to put a face to the brand, whilst being fully transparent.

Promote Your Company Page

Once you have done the previous two, announce it to your clients, employees, and personal network. This will help you gain your first followers, this will in turn help promote your Company Page on the content you post to it.

Promoting your page via other platforms is also a great way to announce it to your audience. Here’s how you could get the word out:

● Announcing your business on your personal LinkedIn profile.

● Encourage employees to follow (Make it a part of your onboarding process). Social Media Today reports that content shared by employees receives eight times the engagement.

● Attach a link on you’re the footer of your emails and include it on your email signature.

● Embed a follow button onto your website so visitors can easily follow your LinkedIn Company Page.

Promote Your Content

LinkedIn allows you to publish your content to users inside and outside your industry using sponsored content. With this, you can promote your articles and other forms of digital content to LinkedIn users directly.

Increase content means exposure. It means growing your business. It helps you to establish your business as an authority that can be trusted and respected in and out of your industry.

When sponsoring your content, you can target multiple features, so your post reaches your target audience rather than a general audience. One thing I would recommend is responding to all comments, this boosts engagement and warrants the consumer’s feedback.

Turning Users Into Leads

LinkedIn has a great feature you need to utilise if you want to differentiate the users who interact with your brand or employees and the ones who will actually turn into leads.

It’s called In Mail.

You can directly message each stakeholder, or you can use the sponsored feature where you can target a specific audience who will match your ideal criteria. Create a unique/personalised message, then send it straight to their inbox.


Many people I speak to or connect with myself seem to neglect this feature. It’s one of the largest platforms for professionals, it would be stupid in my opinion to not advertise a job on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an ideal place to grow your business with employee recruitment.

There’s no need to discard multiple applications because they don’t fit your requirements, that’s long gone. In fact, LinkedIn enables you to reach the exact types of professionals you need by using the targeting options, including job title, experience level and skill set. 

Another advantage LinkedIn possesses, is the majority of your prospective candidates are likely to already be active on LinkedIn.

Get In Touch

We, GrowTraffic, are a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO. If you’d like any help with getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile to grow your business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Alternatively, If you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn and the in-depth skills it takes to get the best out of it, we can give you the training you to do so yourself!

You can call us on 0161 706 0012, email us at or fill out our online contact form.

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