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Huge Warner Bros. Movie Renamed For Better SEO

In an unexpected and unusual move, the iconic Hollywood studio, Warner Bros. has turned to SEO in a bid to boost ticket sales. And SEO professionals like ourselves are living for it!

Harley Quinn Movie Disappoints At Box Office

The much-anticipated movie originally entitled Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), had a somewhat disappointing opening weekend at Box Office. And this came as a huge surprise.

The movie sees Margot Robbie step once more into the iconic and bad*ss role of DC character Harley Quinn. With her infamous pink and blue pigtails, sinister smile and fondness of using a baseball bat as a weapon; DC fans couldn’t wait to see Harley Quinn back on their screens.

Following the success of Suicide Squad, the new Harley Quinn movie was expected to rake in something around the $55 million mark in the opening weekend. However, despite being praised by critics, the movie only earned $33 million.

Why? We hear you ask.

Movie Renamed Harley Quinn: Bird Of Prey

Well, it is likely because people are struggling to find the movie online due to its extraordinary long title, which features ‘Harley Quinn’ right at the very end.

Everyone in the SEO world knows that the high-value keyword should appear at the beginning of the title. Apparently ‘industry members were baffled by the decision to forgo using Harley Quinn’s name’. And we agree – it is baffling! A well-optimised title always has the keyword at the start.

So, following the rubbish opening weekend, the Warner Bros. studio have decided to rename the movie Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey. (That’s more like it).

Harley Quinn Gif

A rep for Warner Bros. confirmed that the name changed occurred as part of a ‘search expansion for ticket sites.’ In other words, they want to make it much easier for people to find the movie online.

Keyword Placement Is Essential For SEO

If you take anything from this article, let it be this: you have a far better chance of Google (and other search engines) indexing your website for your relevant keywords if the keywords have been strategically placed.

You should have a keyword at the beginning of your page title and H1 tag. It should also appear in a number of your H2 tags.

Your keyword or a variable of it should also be in the opening line/paragraph of text and should be dotted throughout the text. It should also appear in the alt tag of images, meta description and in the slug.

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