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Web Design

An increasing number of businesses try to find out how to make a website and are trying some of the free web design tools out there. Many of these tools are great and if you’re only really in need of a brochure site then maybe this option could be right for your business. However, most businesses need professional web design services to portray their business in the manner it ought to be.

As an affordable web design company, from our base in Rossendale on the East Lancashire Moors, GrowTraffic offers leading website design with up to the minute expertise. Content management systems, from basic WordPress websites to more complex ecommerce solutions – no web design project too big or too small – we can help your business grow your online web development potential.

OK, we’d better be honest about this before you you read further. First and foremost we do SEO and strategic yet creative copywriting. We know how to optimise the living daylights out of a website and we know how to create the kind of website structure that will make your website soar in Google’s rankings.

Dansworks web design by GrowTrafficWe build fantastic SEO focused websites but we don’t pretend that web design is our forte. Our websites are always built with SEO in mind and we always get the ranking we chase with the websites we create.

But do not fear. That’s not the end of the story here. If you’re looking for the kind of attention grabbing web design that will really do your business justice we work with a network of freelance web designers and web design agencies who will create web designs that incorporate our search marketing and copy expertise with their design specialism. Bear in mind we don’t simply work with any old web designer, we’re only interested in the cream.  We’re talking web design excellence.

Web Design Services

Whether you want a static web design, a cross-pollinated content rich informational site or an ecommerce web design we’ll create entirely custom built websites, created to your specific needs, either through the modification of existing web design templates or with an entirely bespoke solution. Whatever web design option works best for you.

The designers we work with will create for your business an impressive and effective online shop front. Our website design aftercare service will ensure your website’s stability and maintain your critical internet services. That’s when we’ll get on to the fun part, working out how to marketing your business online to make sure that website converts as planned.

Content focused web designs

We always start the web design process by gaining a deep understanding of your business and your audience. Through seriously in-depth keyword research we then look at how we can create the kind of structure that will really give your website some ‘umph!’ when we set it live.

We spend a long time thinking about the site structure, specifically looking at how silos structures interplay; how we can add knowledge bases; how your blog section will interact with the rest of your content marketing efforts and how the internal link architecture will funnel the potency of the different areas of your website, through to your money pages.

And that’s before we’ve even got to thinking about what your site should look like. It’s from this structure that we start to work out how the web design will actually work and how the visitor will funnel through the site to generate you the leads of sales your business needs.

Rossendale Business Awards web design by GrowTrafficCustom, bespoke website design & development

  • Content management for all sites
  • Logo design / branding
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Professional stock photography
  • Email accounts
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics

Developing in WordPress and Magento

All GrowTraffic websites are developed in WordPress or Magento depending on the requirements of the customer. We have chosen to develop in these two pieces of content management software because of our experience with them and because of their massive market penetration. But if you do need something a little bit more complicated we know a number of web developers and a brilliant web development firm who worked with us to get what you need.

Although we do a lot of Rossendale web design, we’re not just about creating websites for local businesses. We only take on projects that interest us and which we believe we can help from a search perspective, and which we believe we can berathe life into. So if you’re looking to hire a web designer and you’d like a web design from true copywriting and SEO pros, get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business maxinise its presence online.