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Websites For Sale

From time to time, GrowTraffic buys web domains and builds very basic websites on them. Normally, these are feeder sites, simply pointing links at a money site to help it rank and generate traffic. At other times, these are websites that are no longer relevant to us or are from a project that has unfortunately fizzled out. As these domains are no longer of any practical use to GrowTraffic, we offer them for sale.

Please take a look at the list of websites below and, if any of them are of interest to you or you think you may be able to make something of them, then please get in touch with us, either by email at sd@growtraffic.co.uk, by phone on 07411 420 740 or by completing the contact form on the website.


List of Websites for Sale


SEO Auditing

  • seoauditing.co.uk – SEO Auditing was set up to compliment GrowTraffic.

In actual fact, we used this website to test a theme that we wanted to apply to GrowTraffic and it stayed up there. It has generated quite a lot of business in its time, so we’d only part with it for the right price.

It’s built in WordPress and is hosted on our own servers; it doesn’t get a great deal of traffic but it does rank well for terms such as SEO Auditing, SEO Audit and various other related search terms.


Clever Car Covers

  • clevercarcovers.co.uk – this is a project that Simon Dalley started working on with a friend who was, at the time, in this line of work.

Unfortunately, not long after we had set the website up, the friend landed a new job and this project was put on indefinite hold. It’s on our hosting and Magento is installed. It was set up and has been live since October 2010.


Printer Toner Cartridges

  • printertonercartridges.biz – GrowTraffic set this website up to have a Magento install and we’ve added a few categories and products.

We do have plans for this website but, if someone wants to rank for printer toner cartridges and they want to make us a serious offer, we could always be persuaded!


Curvey Corset

  • curveycorset.co.uk – this is a nicely brandable domain, although we’re not 100% sure if it should be spelled curvey or curvy!

Regardless, this website makes a good feeder site. There’s a simple WordPress website on this now, so it’s ticking away generating history.



  • rehoused.co.uk – this is a WordPress website that GrowTraffic built.

Rehoused was intended to make use of the flourishing property market however, as the market has declined somewhat in recent years, the clients in this sector are lying low. If someone wants it, it’s available.


Inbound Marketer

  • inboundmarketer.co.uk – this is GrowTraffic’s website about, wait for it…inbound marketing!

GrowTraffic set this up a couple of years ago, when everyone was talking about inbound marketing in the SEO, search marketing and the social media sphere.

It’s a nice one to have, but it does somewhat detract from what we’re doing here with GrowTraffic. If someone wants it then please make us an offer. It’s running a WordPress website and it would be really easy to change for whoever bought it.


The Digital Awards

  • thedigitalawards.co.uk – this is one that GrowTraffic have plans to develop in the future.

With Simon Dalley’s background in developing awards, GrowTraffic bought this with the idea of creating The Digital Awards, which would recognise and reward excellence in the digital sphere. We initially intended to set up and run the awards next year and see what happens although, if someone wants to buy the domain or help us develop the concept, then we’d love to speak to you about it.


Contact GrowTraffic about Our Websites for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any of the websites listed above, or would simply like some further details, then please get in touch with GrowTraffic by emailing sd@growtraffic.co.uk or by using the contact form on the website.

All serious offers will be considered.


In addition to the websites listed above, GrowTraffic generally have a number of other domains available too. Please check our Domains for Sale page on the website.