We're opening an office in Burnley!

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We’re Opening A New Office In Burnley!

Next week will be a big step for GT, as we’ll be opening a new office, in a serviced office just outside Burnley.

We’ve been based in Lancashire for the last 10 years and we’ve had a base in South Yorkshire for the last 2 years. Our multiple locations have been a huge catalyst for growth. As the business grows again, this feels like a great time to be expanding into a new location.

So, we’re taking the plunge and opening an office in the Fernbank Business Centre in Burnley. It’s only a ten-minutes drive away from our registered office at Broadclough Farm – just over the beautiful East Lancashire Moors – and it will give us the facilities and space we need to grow even more. And for those in the know, it will be a bit less doggy and a bit less horsey, than our Bacup HQ.

And as our newest member of staff – Chloe – will be staring with us on Monday 8th April, the move can’t come soon enough.

Having said that – even though we know this is the right thing to do – it doesn’t make the move itself any less stressful. This is now the second time we’ve moved offices and – as we’re determined to remain a Rossendale-based business in the long-run – it won’t be the last either. They don’t say moving is one of the most stressful things for nothing!

But, luckily, we’ve got the wine and beer on ice for when it’s all over and done with.

Before you panic though (either about our sanity or your admin!) don’t worry; nothing will change in terms of how we conduct business. Except that now we’ll have somewhere really lovely to host our meetings and training sessions. 

Anyway, back to the packing! We hope your weekend is slightly less stressful than ours and we’ll be back in touch with an update on the whole exciting business as soon as possible. Now, where’s the stapler…


Grow Traffic’s new office in Burnley is just about set up and ready. Take a look:

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