What Are Shoulder Niches and How Do They Work?

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What Are Shoulder Niches and How Do They Work?

In the landscape of business, especially when it comes to its marketing efforts, finding your niche is crucial for success. However, in recent years, a new term has been gaining popularity – shoulder niches. What are shoulder niches and how do they work? In this post, I am going to delve into this concept and explore why shoulder niches are becoming increasingly popular in the world of business and marketing.

What Are Shoulder Niches?

The term ‘shoulder niches’ may be completely foreign to you, so let’s dissect what it is. This of it this way; a shoulder niche is a niche related to your niche. As a shoulder is connected to and related to your head, but isn’t your head, a shoulder niche refers to a niche that is connected and related to another, without duplicating it.

A niche refers to a specialised segment of the market that your product or service particularly appeals to. It’s about finding a unique and distinct area where your business can thrive without facing intense competition. 

Now, introduce shoulder niches into the mix – the adjacent spaces surrounding your primary niche.

When looking for shoulder niches it’s best to think of your main focus and then related areas to that. Shoulder niches represent opportunities that exist just outside your core market but share similarities, making them a natural extension of your business.

How Do Shoulder Niches Work?

There are several ways that you can make shoulder niches work for you and your marketing strategy, and several reasons why you might be interested in branching out to them.

Maybe you have experienced a halt in sales when focusing on your specific area, or maybe your primary niche is becoming flooded with competitors, Let’s explore how you can make shoulder niches work in these instances.

Identifying Opportunities

The first step in leveraging shoulder niches is identifying them. Understanding your current main focus and identifying niches that naturally complement that.

Cross Promotion

Once you’ve identified shoulder niches, you can then introduce cross promotional strategies. Another buzzword – but don’t be scared off! Cross promotion simply means promoting products or services from your main niche to customers in the shoulder niches and vice versa.


Shoulder niches offer diversification in your campaigns without straying too far from your core business goals. This allows you to explore new markets that are closely aligned with your expertise.

Enhanced Marketing

Shoulder niches can benefit many elements of a business model, including marketing strategies. Tailoring your marketing efforts to target both your main niche and its shoulder niches can broaden the horizons of your content and even your SEO (targeting new keywords and new audiences).


The world of digital marketing is ever evolving and shoulder niches offer adaptability. By keeping an eye on emerging opportunities in adjacent spaces, you can pivot your business and stay ahead of the competition.

The Importance Of Shoulder Niches

Although something that isn’t commonly spoken about in the business world, shoulder niches can play a really important role in business growth and marketing strength. Let’s jump into how shoulder niches are important and why they matter.

Maximising Growth

Shoulder niches allow businesses to tap into additional revenue streams without the need for radical changes, in turn, maximising growth potential.

Reducing Dependency

As with anything, relying on one sole focus doesn’t make for a strong marketing campaign, or duo much for business growth. Including shoulder niches to guide your strategies reduces dependency on a single market which makes your business more resilient to fluctuations.

Building a Comprehensive Brand

When we look at how to build a comprehensive brand, we look at how a business can address various aspects of a customer’s needs. Introducing shoulder niches can help with this. They allow you to position yourself as an all-encompassing solution provider.

Targeting Different Niches With GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic, we go beyond helping people with their digital marketing and SEO. We know what it takes to create a successful brand and shoulder niches are a great thing to include in your strategy if you want to broaden your horizons and create more stability for your brand.

In the evolving landscape of business and digital marketing, the concept of shoulder niches introduces a dynamic strategy for growth and sustainability. By recognising and harnessing the power of adjacent spaces, you are on your way to building a comprehensive brand by expanding your reach. 

In a digital world where adaptability is key, shoulder niches emerge as a strategic tool for those seeking to thrive in diverse markets.

If you would like a helping hand in making this become a reality, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

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