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What Are The Basics of SEO?

How to maximise your SEO

Okay hands up, who knew the world of SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation), was so interesting, informative and on a serious note, imperative to the successful marketing of your business?

That’s right, by maximising your SEO for your company website mean yours is the first website potential customers will come across in a search engine such as

But if your SEO is not up to speed, your customers will sadly never find you, and your website that probably cost quite a bit of your marketing budget, will languish somewhere in internet land, lonely and unloved, and frankly useless when it comes to increasing your sales!

Here’s the great thing however.

Thankfully, the world of SEO is relatively simple to get your head around, as long as you don’t get caught up worrying about the terminology.

And that is coming from a complete beginner to the wonderful world of SEO.

If you check your SEO checklist every so often, this will ensure maximum exposure of your website, and here at we want to help you do this.


What is an SEO Checklist and when did you last check it?

Have you ever thought about why customers click on your website? Or more importantly, why not?

Your SEO Checklist is a simple and methodical way of making sure you are basically optimising your website, and getting those all-important clicks, that lead to those all-important sales.

By regularly maintaining your Tags, Text, Descriptions, Links and Word Count you are on to a winner.

Are your contact details easily accessible and available from every page of your website? Are the links to your products or services easy to use and inviting to the purchaser?

Another question we regularly ask ourselves here at Grow Traffic, is do our customers find the website easy to navigate? This is crucial to keeping customers interested.

Did you know, it takes just 3 seconds for a customer to lose interest and go to another site?


Are you up to date with terminology?

Don’t let the terminology put you off. They might seem complicated at first but at the end of the day, they are just techie words that put simply, makes the jigsaw pieces of SEO fit together nice and snug.

Here’s a few of the most important ones in the world of SEO;

Algorithms, (or algo’s for short), are simply the programmes used by search engines, such as Google, to determine the page you are directed to, for any given customer query.   

And if your TAGS, are doing their job, be they H-Tags, Meta Tags, Alt Tags or Title Tags, they are all simply TAGS, which are basically your key words on your website.

These Tags or key words will be picked up by the algorithms, giving your website the advantage, and putting it at the top of the list for customer searches.

Have you got sufficient Internal Links? This is a really useful way of helping your customer navigate your site. They have a question? No problem! Give them a link to the contacts page. They love your product? Great! Give them a link to the order page.

Here’s another top tip we find works at  get other websites to provide links to your website.  It takes a bit of time this one but believe us it’s worth it, and here’s why.

Remember those algos we spoke about? Well these links are a major factor in how search engine algos work in determining the popularity of your site. Which again, improves the ranking and enables customers to find you.

Oh, and don’t forget your Call to Action. Put simply, these are all the different ways of ensuring your customers do get in touch! “Call today for latest offers”, “visit us today for instore promotions”.

Have you got enough call to action links? Are they easy to spot and easy to use?

There are loads more SEO phrases and terminology, but we really don’t want you to get bogged down by it, they are after all, just words.

But if you can get to grips with this, you will both save money and make money, just by making your website work smarter for you.

And you if you want to talk more about this, contact us here, on the following link. (See how easy it really is?)


What are you trying to achieve?

Hopefully by now, you understand about regularly checking your SEO checklist, you have got an understanding of some of the terminology and you are raring to go.

So, what is it you are trying to achieve again?

Let’s do a quick recap.

All you are trying to do, is maximise your website, by optimising key words that get picked up by search engines to raise your company profile, and get your business more hits which effectively, will lead to more sales, (which might lead you to a nice week in the sun, (here’s hoping!).

And if your website is optimised, you can have your week in the sun, knowing that Internet Land will keep those sales rolling in for you, because yours in the website that customers see first when searching for your particular product or service.


Check out our SEO Checklist

To help you get your head around SEO, (because that’s what we do), we’ve come up with a really easy to use infographic giving you all the basics you need to keep an eye on to improve your website ranking;

SEO, SEO Checklist, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Consultant, Website SEO, SEO Marketing, SEO Infographic, Online Marketing, SEO Online Marketing

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