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What Are The Best Marketing Strategies?

The best marketing strategies are always the ones that understand and curate around behaviour. After all, the main goal is to understand what your target audience wants to see from your business.

Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Rather than examples of digital marketing (like social media marketing, content marketing, SEO), we’re going to focus on individual elements. Things that would fall under one of those marketing umbrella terms.

Marketing is a really essential role in the growth of a business. So if you’re looking for marketing strategies, you’re in the right place.

Build Rapport

One of the easiest ways to build rapport is through your email list. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Any customers that have signed up with email are in your list – utilise it. When sending out emails to contacts, make sure they’re fun and personalised to increase engagement.

And don’t forget preferences! Nobody wants to be receiving 5 or more emails a day. If you let your customers choose, they’ll be receiving emails they’re highly likely to interact with.

Social Media

Using social media will widen your reach to target audiences. And you can check the latest business news. Especially platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

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In an era of social media, it’s a guarantee that a lot of your customers will be on at least one platform. Plus, social advertising will bring in a massive amount of diversity if your business is non-specific (for example, not gender-specific or age-specific). And even if it is, you’ll still be able to reach a wider targeted audience anyway.

More innovative and creative designs are likely to perform better and may even get the attention of prospective customers.


Blogging is a great way to drive directed traffic to your website with the right strategy. Before starting any blogs, it’s best to plan out how much commitment is going into them. Will they be short and colloquial, professional, or longer think pieces?

Knowing this beforehand will help you to create quality blogs. Sometimes, and in this situation, quality over quantity is best. A long, hard to read blog won’t be worth as much as a short, casual yet still informative one.

It’s important that your audience is engaging with the blogs and that they will actually want to read them. Otherwise it’s just time wasted that could be focused elsewhere.

Teach Your Audience

Information, whether you fit it into blogs, podcasts, or presentations, should be taught. If you’re trying to let your audience know about marketing strategies, tell them. Don’t direct them to products that they’ll have to buy in order to learn about a topic.

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Your audience is coming to you to learn about that information and if they don’t get what they’re looking for, they’ll be dissatisfied. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert. They’ll choose to look elsewhere for information that you didn’t provide.


Research is key if you want your marketing strategies to succeed. Not knowing who to market to will make communication difficult.

Ultimately the best way to find out what your targeted audience wants is through surveys. What they want to see, know, learn. The answers reveal individuals’ experiences, views, and opinions. All of which can be used to make important decisions.

And luckily, there are many tools, like SurveyMonkey, to help you create your own survey if you’ve never done it before. Best part about this specific survey tool is that it’s free!


A lot of big corporate companies are less trusted by consumers because they’re opaque. Some of the organisations aren’t too transparent or forthright about processes or issues they do/don’t contribute to.

It doesn’t seem big in the moment but connections with the wrong business can reflect badly on you. Consumers may consider your connection as you not only supporting their values but sharing them, too. Then you could lose consumers and struggle to gain a newer or larger audience.

Sponsoring charitable events, hosting fundraisers, and showing transparency in your support to events like these will make you a more trustworthy business.

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