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What Are The Most Popular Searches On Google?

Every year, Google releases an annual report that reveals the most popular keywords and topics searched. These yearly recaps offer content publishers a plethora of ideas when looking to benefit from popular keywords.

Last year, for example, one of the most popular keywords searched on Google was ‘NBA’. How vague. Perhaps this one keyword doesn’t hold much significance but it’s related queries and long-tail keywords that really let you know what questions people are asking.

(Long-tail keywords are keywords that are three or more words long. And they’re more specific than ‘NBA’).

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular searches on Google.

With Google being a universal search engine, we’re starting globally.

What Was The Top Google Search Of 2021?

YouTube, at almost three billion total searches worldwide, was the number one most searched keyword on Google in 2021. I can’t say I’m surprised but that’s an impressive number, right?

Even more impressive is the fact that 2.899 billion of those searches were organic. That means that 2.899 billion people were searching specifically for YouTube last year. I can guarantee that I was part of that search, too.

Close behind YouTube was Facebook, which had just shy of two billion searches. WhatsApp, Netflix, and Roblox rounded out the top 5 most searched keywords on Google in 2021.

What Are The Most Popular Searches Right Now?

Out with the old and in with the new, we’re moving on from the searches of last year. Did you know Google has its own tool for measuring trends? Well, it does.

Google Trends allows users to view the top searches of the past 24 hours. On this page, you can view daily and real time searches by country. Or, if you want to be particular, by region.

Daily search trends features the searches that rose considerably among all other searches over 24 hours and regularly updates every hour. Oppositely, real time search trends highlights the top trending stories of the past 24 hours on Google, updating them in real time.

At the time of writing this blog, the top daily search of the United Kingdom, with over two hundred thousand searches, relates to council tax bands. Not quite as entertaining as the Olympics, which is the United States’ top daily trend, but certainly more valuable.

What Are The Most Searched Questions On Google?

So what do people really want to know? According to Google’s most searched questions of 2021, people really wanted to know what to watch.

We all had plenty of spare time on our hands last year with all the lockdowns and isolating we did so it’s no surprise that people wanted entertainment recommendations. All that time spent indoors came with another top question – how to move with plants. Plant lovers, just how did you haul them to your new homes?

And for all you entrepreneurs out there, how to start a business was searched more than how to get a job.

Collectively, we seemed to start taking active steps to look after ourselves. Questions such as how to maintain mental health and keyword body positivity were searched last year more than ever before.

Rounding off the popular searches of last year, I’m going to use my favourite. Mittens searches reached an all-time high last January thanks to that lovely photo of Bernie Sanders. You know the one.

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