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What Are White Hat Backlinks?

Link building is one of the top factors for ranking on Google and other search engines. Without high-quality backlinks, getting organic traffic is more challenging.

With Google’s algorithms favouring natural ranking tactics, shameless promotion is steered away from. But how does this relate to white hat backlinks? Well, holistic SEO is where white hat tactics come in.

Not sure what white hat SEO is? Don’t worry. We’re covering that in this blog.

What Is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO refers to approved optimisation tactics that are designed to help increase your website’s visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It refers to organic traffic rather than paid traffic.

White hat SEO will:

Follow Guidelines

We mentioned that white hat SEO is approved optimisation tactics. This just means that it follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Generally, these are rules Google has laid out to define ‘ethical’ optimisation. In short, don’t be manipulative.

Focus On Audience

Organic traffic is the best kind of audience for your website.

By focusing on users, white hat SEO allows you to make beneficial changes. The types of changes that will always be beneficial. Such as improving the navigation or content of your website.

Require Patience

Gaining organic traffic can be time and work-intensive. Your website won’t suddenly explode in digital traffic overnight so you need to be patient.

However, by using white hat SEO to make alterations and improve your website, you can achieve steady rankings and longevity. That way, your site will always be in line with Google’s optimisation guidelines.

Only Engage In White Hat Link Building

Manipulation is against the guidelines. Engaging in link building other than white hat will set you back. You can be demoted in the rankings or manually penalised.

Link schemes, buying, selling, and trading links all count as manipulation. Once you’ve been penalised, it takes plenty of time and work to correct.

Essentially, you’ll be getting high-quality links to replace all those “toxic” backlinks. So why don’t you just save yourself some time and start your website with white hat link building techniques?

How Can I Build White Hat Backlinks?

High-quality backlinks that are earned naturally through white-hat building techniques are ‘future-proof’.

Here are some white hat strategies to consider.

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is a simple way to return unlinked brand mentions to linked ones, or to fix broken links.

Reclaiming unlinked brand mentions means that your brand has been mentioned on a page but there is no link. All you need to do is send a quick email thanking them for mentioning you but politely asking if they could link to you. A bit like asking for credit when you’ve provided your product to someone.

If you’ve removed content, updated, or discontinued any products, you might find that you’ve got some broken links. This means that these URLs no longer exist and, therefore, won’t load your page. Once again, just shoot a quick email explaining the issue and provide a new link for them to replace it with.

Guest Posting

These links can be really helpful to you. Use others’ networks to your advantage! Uploading a guest post on a site with higher authority will give your site a very valuable backlink.

Just as you would for your own site, the focus is creating high-quality content catered to their audience. Try reaching out to media outlets, websites, and bloggers within your industry sect and ask to write for them. Then you can link to relevant content that’s on your website from within that article.

Incorporate Social Sharing

When we read content online, sometimes something specifically sticks with us. Whether it’s a quote, a fact, a statistic, or a unique piece of information. By incorporating a ‘share this’ option, you have the opportunity to promote yourself to a wider audience.

Users that can share a specific section of your content onto social media will provide a direct link to your website. Other people sharing that post then creates mass links.

Content Promotion

Tools or comprehensive how-to guides are rich content to try and promote. Publish articles like these and then reach out to relevant sources (like magazines and news channels) and ask them to cover your content.

Through how-to guides, tools, and original data from your brand, you’ll showcase your specific knowledge and area of expertise. It will help build authority and credibility for your brand while encouraging people to check you out.

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