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What Can You Do if Your Affiliate Doesn’t Pay You?

There can be many valid and different reasons why your affiliate does not want to pay you, so you should try to understand what some of these points could be.

The central fact as to why this is maybe happening is because of the programme that you are with; we will take a look into this in this very blog post.

What Are Some Of The Reasons In Which This Can Happen?

Reason Number one: Bad quality of traffic 

If they have pointed out that your traffic has been known to have bad quality according to the known advertiser, wires have been crossed as the two main parts of an advertisement have not been paid, in this case, there isn’t much that you can do.

But remember, this does not mean whatsoever that they are not a reliable network. Instead, try to:

  1. Ask for feedback from your primary account source, e.g., your manager
  2.  If they don’t reply to you within a specific time frame, I would then find another solution through another known network
  3. Come up with another solution that does not get you in trouble.

Reason Number Two: You, as the advertiser, are slowing down the payment process

In this instance, it is your primary network’s line of authority as they need to ensure that you are getting your money at the right time. If this happens, you need to pause your advertisements and find a better network for you.

I would friendly suggest that you aim for a more extensive network, so you miss out on your affiliate not paying you and get the commission that you deserve as well as being paid on time.

Reason Number Three: The network that you are with is not being honest with their charges

If you are not getting the correct answers or the ones you want to hear about why there are so many problems and your leading affiliate is not paying, you move on. Instead, look for a better and more reliable network and try to forget the money meant to be yours.

Could The Reasons You Are Not Being Paid By Your Affiliate Be A Mistake?

The first reason is that it is an honest mistake

Sometimes mistakes happen regarding records, emails, and payment dates. This is more important with the smaller businesses and affiliates as they probably do everything independently, so they will find it harder to keep on top of everything.

This is why in my opinion, you should give your affiliate the benefit of the doubt before you assume and make things ten times worse; you could ruin a great partnership and business relationship because of one slight error.

The second reason is that an error has happened in their system

Now, this next point is one of the more common reasons as to why this happens, as it can be linked to the software that is not up to date, your emails are not delivering, and most importantly, your payment has not gone through and even worse no one has noticed that this has happened.

This is a simple mistake that can be sorted out immediately, as long as everyone who needs to be told has been notified. This will also depend on whether it becomes a serious issue, how often this happens, and what can be done to fix it properly.

The third reason is that not everything has been confirmed.

You are probably keeping an eye on the traffic you are receiving, the type of sales you can make to show your affiliate, and how it was sent through your system or theirs.

If everything you have done does not match up on your end, then the affiliate won’t be able to pay you. This is where more problems will start to pop up.

Who Should Be Responsible For Ensuring That All Affiliates Are Paid On Time?

If you notice some regular points with all payment issues that are not being seen, I firmly believe that your whole affiliate system is to blame for this.

What other reasons could link to this particular area of affiliates?

The overall historical insight

Say that a few years ago, a known structure within your affiliate marketing was in full force for affiliates and their businesses. Affiliates then thought it was better for them to join in on this and become part of a network.

But little did they know that if they did not have the correct understanding of how payments work, the affiliates wouldn’t pay them for the work that they have done. 

The long-term liabilities can have

The affiliates that are not paying for the work they have done or not paying the people who have helped them means they are breaking a source of trust, truth, and transparency that is the main line of what an affiliate should be like.

There are many challenges when this happens as there is a lot of confusion and blame about who is responsible for this issue happening when the payment situation is involved and what the next step could be so this is sorted once and for all.

How it can protect and serve

Everyone should follow so many different tools as far as this matter is concerned. Also, other options are included for the brands that need help with their commissions to nothing or even letting their affiliate not pay someone.

What To Do If You Are Noticing These Mistakes More Than A Couple Of Times?

If you are starting to see a lot of these mistakes, maybe regularly, then, in the long run, it will affect your company’s affiliate marketing. Also, if you are not careful and your affiliate is not paying you, it can turn into a short-changed payment as you have decided to include more than one payment option.

This is the one thing you will need to keep an eye on to ensure that everything is on track and if something needs to be improved like your affiliate is not paying you.

What Can You Do if Your Affiliate Doesn’t Pay You?

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