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What Content Marketing Strategies Work In Different Sectors?

One thing it is pretty safe to say is that content marketing is a good thing and that content marketing with a strategy is even better.

But is every form of content marketing strategy suitable for every type of business and if not, then what content marketing strategies work in different sectors?

Content Marketing Strategy

As with any business project plan, a content marketing strategy should have clearly agreed goals, ways of measuring if the strategy is performing well or badly and be joined up with any other marketing strategy.

Who is the target audience? This is one question that should be answered at the earliest stage possible as the answer will drive any good content marketing strategy.

So, let’s have a look at some content marketing methods and see which sectors would find them useful.


Ahh blogging, here at GrowTraffic we write blogs from when the sun comes up until the cows come home. Which now we think about it, is a quite ridiculous way to measure your time and quite possibly not the best business model. Apart from anything else do cows even go out anyway? You never see them in Costa Coffee or Asda.

How often to blog? and what to blog about? is the SEO equivalent of asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’

Everyone man (or woman) and his dog (or cow) have an opinion on this.

We think that blogging, especially for smaller companies is definitely a Very Good Thing.

It is one of the most effective ways to improve the SEO of a website.

Blogging is one form of content marketing that can work in pretty much any sector. Original and interesting content blogs will always generate interest. They may not get a company on the first page of a google search, but the benefits are good and have been proven time and time again.

Although we said blogging is good for smaller companies, larger companies often have blogs with internal links to other areas of their website, which will improve SEO.


AKA what to do if you are struggling to write a blog. Infographics, when done well, can be highly effective.

But they wouldn’t necessarily work for every sector. We tend to think of infographics as being used to tell people how stuff works.

So, a sector that manufactures a product that has a usp may use it to explain what makes the product different.

They are also a good way to show statistics or simplify a process that may look overly complicated when you just try to write it down.

Video Content

Video content marketing is increasingly being used as the medium of choice for all types of sectors.

Again, you need to think about your target audience and what it is you will be videoing. Instead of just putting stuff out there because everyone else is doing it.

For a product launch or a special event then some videoed content can look good and work well.

Scripted video content is also good but be careful about who is writing and reading the script. The Managing Director may aspire to be the new Robert De Niro (or even the old Robert De Niro to be honest) but we have seen enough cringeworthy videos to know this definitely Not A Very Good Thing.

Sectors like financial or public sector may find that videos demonstrating how a particular department works, or a Q and A useful.

But for a manufacturing company, a video of a fire alarm being made and boxed may not make for exhilarating viewing. An infographic on the other hand…

Why Am I Doing This?

It’s ok, we aren’t having an existential crisis, not today anyway, but when a company decide to choose particular content marketing, it’s a good idea to ask why?

If they want to use video because ‘It’s all over Facebook and getting loads of likes’ or TikTok because they heard a 90-second segment on Radio 1 about it on the way to work, then ask them and what do they want to achieve?

If, like for all good content marketing strategies and project plans you have agreed on the aims and objectives this should clarify the whole process and reduce the risk of having to speak to Dan in Finance who said Snap Chat is great so we should go on that straight away.

Like we said earlier and will continue to say until those pesky cows come home, know your target audience. This also applies to the company and the sector they work in.

If you don’t understand their business inside and out then you can’t provide the best content marketing for them, so do your research and ask lots of questions.

Managing expectations along with communication are the two key factors in any content marketing strategy.

If you can do both of this simple but often forgotten things, then you will be on to a winner!

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