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What Do Marketers Need To Know About SEO?

You may have googled this question before, a while ago, read a few articles and added it to your marketing strategy.

But, as Paul McCartney says “In this everchanging world in which we live in” and the marketing world is no exception, so we need to keep up to date. (Also, that is terrible grammar by Paul, but we’ll grant him poetic licence).

So, in September 2019, what do marketers need to know about SEO?

(editor’s note. Top tip, maybe don’t start our blogs by criticising one of the Beatles?)

Who Is Your Audience And What Do They Want?

This is the one thing that is never going to change. But it’s not something a marketing team should do just once.

As we are sure you are aware, the way that people want content and the methods they are given content, change rapidly.

Indeed, it is a distinct possibility that by the time you have finished reading this article that Facebook could have finished testing its new mind-reading technology.

Marketers need to know who they are creating content for. A website could have amazing content and be perfectly optimised but, if it’s not aimed at the right audience it is not going to do very well.

Keep It Simple

When someone types a query into Google or asks Alexa and Siri, marketers need to understand exactly what they want and answer it in as simple a way as possible.

In 2019, the way Google is looking at keywords is evolving. A Director at Komarketing, Casie Gillette, summed it up quite well recently.

“We have to think more about the funnel and where we really want to spend our time,” said Casie. “Do I want to spend time and money trying to rank for a broad term or should I instead shift my focus to terms further down the funnel, where buyers are more knowledgeable and more likely to be interested in what I’m selling?”

With AI being used more frequently, anything that simplifies the search process is more likely to be picked up by the Google spiders, or anyone else’s spiders or bots for that matter.

Google, It’s Not All About You, Ok?

It’s sort of ingrained in marketing that the world revolves around Google, but in 2019 and the years to come it’s important not to be too blinkered.

Getting the top Google result is great and important of course, but it isn’t the only best friend that SEO needs to make.

More and more people are searching on Amazon for example.

Whether it is by accident or by design, by bypassing Google, people have changed SEO, possibly forever.

Anyone and everyone can sign up to Amazon to sell their products, so along with generally taking over the world, they have created a search engine right under Google’s nose.

Not just content with dominating the world that we type in, Amazon has become one of the leading voices (editors note: We don’t pay you per pun you know?) in the world of voice searches.

Siri has been answering our ‘hilarious’ questions for years of course and has learned to be pretty good at finding out what we want.

Alexa however, can take you straight to the product on Amazon.

This simple step has meant that Amazon is not only competing with google as a search engine, but they are also bypassing it completely. (Google, if you are reading this, we do love you really, we just have unique content to create you know?)

There’s a great article by Kaizen on how Amazon is disrupting SEO here.

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only one stepping on Google’s toes. Both Facebook and Apple are looking at ways to become a one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING. (Facebook, if you are reading this, can you not share the data with Cambridge Analytica this time please?)

Users are also searching directly in Apples App Store, again making the whole process simpler and the UX better.

Don’t Put All Your SEO In One Basket

Having read all of this we wouldn’t suggest that Marketers put all their efforts into voice searches.

Technology can quickly turn left and what was once seen as the future in SEO can find itself gathering dust rolling through the internet (Hi Altavista!)

At the moment, visual content is increasingly popular. If you are scrolling through Facebook and you see this blog as a video or a link to GrowTraffic, which one would you choose?

Don’t Just Blog For Blogging’s Sake?

Google is increasingly looking for unique and high-quality content.

Long gone are the days when just writing any old blog regularly was good enough.

So, simply writing the same blogs that were written last year, or writing blogs about subjects that everyone else is writing about won’t help anymore.

If you are a regular reader, then hopefully you will have noticed that our GrowTraffic Blogs, along with providing help and information, always look for something different (hence why they let me anywhere near a keyboard) or a new angle on an existing topic.

Like a 40 something DJ that is trying to keep up with young people, we will end with a couple of shout outs.

The always amazing Moz is the place to visit as often as you can and there is an excellent guide to SEO by the human encyclopedia that is Neil Patel

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