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What Does It Mean To Be A GrowFo?

GrowTraffic is a marketing agency that helps you develop your marketing skills, we call our team members GrowFos.

The critical question is what it means to be a GrowFo at GrowTraffic and how all the team members feel about being part of this prestigious group.

Below you’ll see how GrowTraffic’s staff all feel about being a part of this great team.

How Does The Team Feel About Being Called GrowFos?


GrowTraffic, to me, means we can help those businesses that don’t have the resources of the global corporations to compete in the search engines. I love the energy of working with the GrowFos. Also, I like the lunches.”


“GrowTraffic and being a GrowFo means that I can help these companies with the right tools and tactics to get them to a sufficient ranking level, whilst also improving my marketing skills.

“I also love the people that I work with.”


“I don’t know if I’ll ever think of myself as a GrowFo. But I love being a trafficker because I get to do a job I love, with people who I love to work with.

“I’m completely unemployable now, so I could never do another job.  Whether I think I’m one or not, I guess I’m a GrowFo for life now!”


“Being a GrowFo means I’m always learning. Six months in, I know a lot more about an industry I didn’t know existed before and a lot of totally mind-blowing facts.

“The GrowFos are a supportive and crazy bunch!”


“I’m not a GrowFo – I’m a trafficker.”


What it means for me to be a GrowFo?

“Work complements my life and life complements my work. So, I can work to the best of my ability and perfectly fit it into my life.

“Being a part of a fab team of crazy people with whom I can share professional and personal experiences is essential and something we have here at GrowTraffic.”


“Well, in the short amount of time I’ve been a GrowFo, I think it’s about working hard to produce good quality work that satisfies our clients. Quality is the cornerstone of what we do.

“But most of all, being surrounded by a lovely bunch of people who make work more enjoyable by being approachable and good-humoured. ”


“Being a Grow Fo is precisely what the word indicates… Growth.

“From the day I started, I’ve grown exponentially as a person and more so in my knowledge. The team are all in one, were a crazy bunch who love what we do.

“Being a Grow Fo is unreal; long let it continue.”


“Being a part of this brilliant team means I can help conquer the stigma that SEO and optimisation techniques are only for the big businesses with the deep pockets and hopefully help those that aren’t there to get there whilst I’m learning something new every day.”


“Being a GrowFo – or trafficker as we used to call ourselves – is one of the things I am proudest about.

“I have lived in this business for so long, but equally, for a long time, it was just me but now the word GrowFo epitomises what we’re all about.

“We are here to grow traffic to business websites, and that’s firmly rooted in everything we do, but we’re also a bit irreverent and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

“I’ve had an HR consultant wince when I referred to the team as Grow Fo’s because they know what the Fo’s slang is for and think it could be taken negatively if anyone scrutinised for using that word to describe the team.

“But it’s part of our culture and part of our history.

“The word itself was crow sourced through a Facebook poll years ago.

“We used several words to describe the team as the team grew; we thought we; better come down to one term.

“We gave our followers the chance to choose which way we should describe ourselves, and we all agreed that whatever the poll’s outcome, we would go with it. And whilst I wasn’t on board with it initially, these days I think it works really well.”

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What Was The Reason Behind Our Nickname?

The paragraphs above detail what the GrowFos feel about working for such a welcoming, supportive, and crazy company.

But did you know that GrowFos is not what our company’s collective noun for our employees always was? Originally, we had a number of different names we used to call ourselves. One of those was Traffickers, but we recognised that this could be potentially offensive when we used it on social media. Simon Dalley – who’s our founder and one of the directors of GrowTraffic – is really passionate about creating what he calls ‘cultural brand elements’, so the nickname was something he wanted from the start, but he wanted to call team members Growtharians?!

Now ask yourself, does that sound like the right name for the team behind GrowTraffic?! Pah!!

The name that has now been chosen for GrowTraffic’s team members is GrowFos. This was chosen via a poll on Facebook – many years ago – by our followers.

As Dalley says, it really does epitomise what we’re here to do: we grow traffic, but we do it our way.

What Does It Mean To Be A GrowFo?

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