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What Goes Up Must Come Down

GrowTraffic has been sitting at position 1 for freelance SEO consultant for quite some time now and being honest, I’ve not done a lot to maintain the position. 

On Saturday, however, for the first time in a long time, the site dropped to position 3. I had a sneaky suspicion this would happen as GT dropped to position 2 for about half a day a week or so ago. This dance is a sure-fire indicator that you’re about to be lowered slightly.

Google’s Farmer Update

I’ve not acted to remedy this situation yet. However, I will do; first of all, I’m waiting to see what Google’s Farmer update will mean to the rankings (it could be, in fact, that this is a knock-on from this update – but I’m pretty sure there has been no roll out to the UK).

Finding Strategist

More likely is I’ve dropped down due to some of the onsite changes I made to that page recently. 

Talking about being a freelance SEO or an SEO strategist is all well and good. Still, really it’s a lot more than that, and that’s why I’m starting to try and take control of a new term that no one’s using (or at least that has no meaning to anyone) but for me, namely Finding Strategist.

Winning Back Freelance SEO Consultant

I know I should dominate the freelance SEO consultant space, and I’ll get back to the top spot in the next few weeks in all likelihood; I’ve got to act on this relatively quickly. If I don’t, there will increase history to the sites that have overtaken GT, which will make it harder to knock them off. 

It’s interesting how in this line of work, it’s all about getting to number 1 when in fact, focusing on that often means neglecting other aspects of what you’re trying to achieve. 

Most businesses put at the heart of their core values a striving to be the best. However, I wonder how many companies spend so much time focusing on quantifiable measures?

What Goes Up Must Come Down

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