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What is a Facebook page

A Facebook page is a social media profile specially created for all businesses, companies, people, charities, and many other organisations.

Pages like these can help you to gain a certain number of numbers depending on what your profile is trying to represent to others. They are similar to how a profile works, as you can update your page with what you have been up to, and they will appear on your and other people’s pages.

What Is The Difference Between A Facebook Page And Profile?

The best way to explain this is that a Facebook profile is what all users across this platform use when connecting with others through their own needs. A Facebook page is used for more professional reasons, such as for businesses and organisations that need to represent themselves better.

  1. Why are they different from one another?

In better of a word, these profiles are for users, and pages are for businesses and companies. But with a profile, you must accept a friend request from people for you to connect with them before they can see your own posts on their page. Through your profile, you can also chat with people/

  1. What should you post on your Facebook Page?

Once you have made your page and included another person, you can add content. You may not have realised that you included an area of this information when you first created your page.

Your Business contact information is essential to your page, as your users can go straight to your website.

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How Do Facebook Pages Work?

A Facebook page, as a social media platform, is then driven through its main algorithm, which helps every individual with their preferences and interests. This algorithm also helps you include the right kind of content, such as images and business or personal updates that others can post that they might find interesting.

Their main goal is to ensure that all of the users that have as part of their page can engage with all areas of their content and pages in general.

What Is The Best Way To Use Facebook?

There are so many different ways you can use Facebook, from your settings, your profile, pages, timeline and every aspect of content and the extra features involved too.

  1. Make a Facebook account

You can create your own Facebook account by following three main points.

  • Go to Facebook’s website
  • Once on the main website homepage, include your first and last name, email, and new password if needed as well as your birthday and what you define as.
  • Then click the sign-up button
  1. Create your settings

Once everything has been set up for your account, you can alter the kind of settings you want for your privacy and how you can control them through your own information. Try to follow the main points below for this.

  • Select the central arrow in the corner of your own Facebook page.
  • Go to your settings
  • Then select the privacy option
  • Choose who you want to see your posts and how people find you.
  1. Make your profile your own

Choose a profile picture 

Click on your profile and profile picture, choose a photo you like, decide how you want it to look, and then upload it.

Pick a cover photo

Click on the edit photo option, choose the option you want and then upload the one you choose.

Updating your profile

Go to the about section on your page, including the information you want to be involved in, and ensure it is on your page.

  1. Find and follow all public pages

The great thing about Facebook as a social media platform is that you can choose the pages you want to follow and get updates. You can do this by finding them on this platform, where you will then see everything that they post on their page.

  1. Take a look at your timeline

The timeline you have for your page is a way to see what you have been looking at but in a particular order. This includes all of the updates you might have, photos and other areas of content that have been uploaded onto the platform, and events that you have been tagged in.

the image shows a facebook like

Would A Small Business Benefit From Using A Facebook Page?

Having the right kind of presence through a Facebook page is beneficial for many different reasons, driving more traffic to your website, helping to improve your sales, and so on. Facebook is also an excellent strategy for your SEO efforts as it can be that extra link to your site and other areas of your business, such as social media.


Incorporating a busy Facebook page shows others that as a business and or individual, you are severe and have the potential to connect with your audience on a whole new level, wherever you are. This is also great for your engagement purposes of the business.


The only issue here is even though it is a free social media platform. When trying to reach a certain number of customers, you must pay for the service.

If you don’t do this, then the content you are working hard to include won’t engage with as many people as you don’t, which will affect your business because of the latest algorithm.

What is a Facebook page?

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