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What Is Auto GPT?

If you are keeping tabs on the latest Chat GPT and AI news you may have noticed a lot of chatter about Auto GPT over the last week. Trending on Twitter for the last couple of days Auto GPT can create and complete tasks autonomously – here’s everything you need to know.

Auto GPT & AI Agents

Described as an ‘AI agent’, Auto GPT is an exciting new development that uses OpenAI’s GPT 4 or GPT 3.5 APIs to autonomously create and complete quite complicated or lengthy tasks. It’s one of the first applications to be able to perform autonomous tasks alongside BabyAGI, but what does it mean and what does it do?  

If you have used Chat GPT you will know that to get the best possible results, you need to add detailed prompts and then if you want to follow up with more work you will add more prompts. Auto GPT is pretty cool because instead of adding lots more prompts, the AI agent will create and complete its own prompts to complete the task you asked it initially. It even goes so far as to create new prompts if some fail and has the ability to analyse its results to check for accuracy!

Search Engine Journal has detailed some of the ways it can be used here.

As the new programme is experimental, it doesn’t yet have a ‘friendly’ interface that everyone will be able to use – it is mostly being used by developers at the moment and you would need a paid OpenAI account to access their APIs.

But, as with everything AI the speed at which it is being developed could mean we will soon see a more accessible tool that everyone can use.

Why Is Everyone Excited About It?

The excitement around Auto GPT is because of the speed it can create and complete its tasks and the more than satisfactory outcomes that resemble work that would take a human much longer to complete.

Imagine a future where instead of having to carry out lots of research for a piece of work, you can just ask an AI agent to do it for you – without having to add tonnes of detail and search the internet for all the details you need! To a certain extent, Chat GPT already does that but because of the autonomous capabilities of AI agents, you could save even more time.

The downside is the implication it could have for employment in the future – if a task can be completed by an AI agent with any amount of speed, a task that would take a person or even a team of people, much longer to complete, where does that leave employers? Of course, it could mean the development of more AI tools ‘taking jobs’ as some people fear but could also mean the creation of new roles – people employed to instruct and manage AI agents.

It’s an interesting area to keep an eye on for sure!

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