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What is Google trying to achieve with Google Panda 2.2?

It’s fair to say that Google feels humiliated by the content and is hitting back in the only way it knows how to punish everything that resembles content generation. 

Even if it’s magnificent content creation for a meaningful and legitimate reason. They did this some time ago when they downgraded the potency associated with links back from press releases. But, interestingly, when Google launched the Vince update, Press Releases became important once again – in that they are a good indicator of brand, branding and marketing.

I also have a sneaky suspicion that Google loves the Panda update.  However, when they launched it, the update caused far too many waves.  So they’re introducing it one bit at a time, allowing webmasters and website owners to make their website and link profile conform to the changing landscape.

Credit, where credit is due, in the White-hat SEO community, has been rumblings about this kind of content spam for the best part of a year (check out Aaron Walls thoughts on this.  What’s more, you’ve got to hand it to Google that they’re starting to get a handle on things.

After doing plenty of searching, I noticed that the sites that are appearing higher up are generally the ones that are doing lots of original content or are at least the ones where original content links to.

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Is Google Pandering to Proper SEO Companies, or is this their demise?

OK – I like to think of myself as a real search marketer. Still, everyone calls us SEOs however, I’d like to be known as a good, ethical, and honest SEO. I’m also a bit sceptical about the future of the SEO agency as they are now (and let’s be honest, there are some real sharks and cowboys out there!). 

We’ll be talking much more about internet marketing agencies. It will be all about the package of building a better online brand for the client, whether that be through emails, pay per click, search engine optimisation, social marketing, affiliate marketing, online reputation management etc.  There’ll also have to be some element of design involved there.

 In short, we will be moving back towards the full-service agencies from the divergence into separate agencies in the middle of the last decade. 

In essence, Panda forces marketing companies to focus on what’s happening onsite rather than offsite.

Should we stop being obsessed about the Panda update?

In a word, YES!!!! The search community’s obsession with Google’s most recent updates has to stop. 

By constantly talking about it. We are all giving much more weight to the idea that we have to always focus on what Google wants us to do instead of what we should do for the best of our website’s visitors. If the content is king, then the user experience is good.

What Is Google Trying to Achieve With Google Panda 2.2?

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