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What Is Instagram Used For?

Since 2010, Instagram has been used as the social media platform that many turn to upload their photos and videos for free.  Since its arrival, it has grown in popularity and more innovative features such as stories and reels have been added to the platform – a phenomenon that has been replicated across many other channels.

Many business owners have turned to Instagram to promote their products or services. This blog aims to highlight what Instagram is used for and how you can get the most out of the channel as a business owner or marketing professional.

More About Instagram

It’s no secret that since its arrival, Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms out there – in fact, the phrase ‘Instagrammable’ is now officially an adjective!

Instagram offers a visual twist that other social media platforms don’t necessarily offer, or at least not in the same way, which is most probably why it is regarded as such a social media powerhouse. Instagram attracts almost everyone from small businesses to large institutions, celebrities, photographers, musicians, and not to mention those who make a salary from Instagram alone – influencers. 

Relatively new to the field compared to other social media channels, but still up there with the leaders of social media like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has attracted over a billion users, whether they be using the platform for professional or personal use.

What Is Instagram Used For?

It may be easier to ask the other question – what is it not?! Instagram gives users the option of the type of account they wish to create – business, creator or personal. This means everyone and anyone can use the platform and get the most out of the tailored features. Let’s break down how it can be used for a business.

Instagram For Business

Thanks to the growing popularity of Instagram, businesses of any size have also been able to grow and increase brand awareness due to the vast number of people using the channel. Also owned by Meta, Instagram has a direct link to Facebook, which so many businesses already rely heavily on for their engagement with customers and boosting social presence.

Many don’t see Instagram as anything more than a place to update friends and family on their adventures, or a news feed full of influencers, but Instagram is now in fact regarded as a vital business tool.

We make no secret of the importance social media can have on your business, so why not make the most of the platform with specific features for business growth and awareness?

It’s important to note that Instagram isn’t generically a B2B platform and so users want to see relatable, engaging posts. This is the platform where you can make your content fun!

Here are some of our top tips for using Instagram for your business:

Use Stories And Reels

A specific feature of Instagram is relatively new but bypasses the popularity of stand-alone images. The features on Instagram such as Reels and Stories are a way of somewhat ‘beating the algorithm’. We use that term loosely, as there’s no real way to beat an algorithm on social media, you just have to abide by it!

Stories and Reels however set apart content from the main feed, meaning the content you put out there is more likely to be seen. So our top tip is to make use of them and, more importantly, ensure the content is engaging, luring people back to your profile.

Interact With Followers

Liking, sharing, tagging, and commenting – these are all ways in which you can boost engagement on the platform. The more places users see your Instagram handle, the better!

Use Hashtags

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on the platform – use them! So often, people who use Instagram search via hashtags so make sure your content is seen. Including hashtags means that your posts can show up on people’s feeds despite whether or not they are following you.

How GrowTraffic Can Help

We appreciate that managing social media platforms and staying on top of new emerging channels can be tough – so let us do it for you! 

At GrowTraffic we offer a social media marketing service. We can create posts on Instagram, considering both organic content and paid social media marketing strategies that will propel your business to the next level.

Want to learn more about how GrowTraffic can help you use Instagram for your business? Get in touch!

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