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What Is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is any kind of action that wants to affect the search rankings.

Types Of Negative SEO Attacks

There are different types of SEO, and these are;

  1. Hacking A Websiteif this is the type of hacking that results in a significant loss of a website’s search engine visibility, this can be seen as negative SEO.
  2. Posting Negative Reviews About A Websitethis kind of tactic might work for trying to destroy a website, a brands or websites reputation, and what it is about, so this could lead to traffic drops
  3. Removing A Backlink And Sending Out Removal Requestshackers or attackers may want your website’s backlink to harm your ranking.

They then might act that they are part of an agency that is supposedly working on your behalf then want to remove these overall links that are aiming towards your website.

What Are The Origins Of Negative SEO?

In 2012, Google launched an update that would be able to change how sites with wrong links are then protected.

This means that you can use better links to rank your website. But if you are not careful, you can be punished by Google.

Google does acknowledge an SEO attack when it happens, but they don’t do this often enough.

How To Protect Your Website From Negative SEO?

SEO has drastically changed over the last few years.

Ranking in search engines is a lot harder than what it was like three years ago.

SEO consultants should use analytical tools to measure SEO efforts

How To Prevent Negative SEO Attacks?

  1. Keep Track Of Your Backlink Profile– this is the most crucial step to take when preventing any type of hacking or spamming from winning. We must know the signs of when someone is making changes to your site when they shouldn’t be.
  2. Check For Duplicate Content one of the most well-known techniques that spammers and hackers use is being able to pass the content off as it is theirs. They will then copy and paste your pieces of content and ensure that it is in every search engine possible.

Is Negative SEO A Legitimate Threat?

Negative SEO is 100% a legitimate threat.

Even though these attacks are often not completed successfully in the long run, they can still happen in a shorter time frame. They are also a popular way of claiming businesses content.

How To Identify A Negative Campaign?

  1. Has There Been A Sudden Drop In Your Search Traffic- if the answer is a yes and you have not changed it, it could be a red flag for your traffic? Check your page’s traffic regularly so it can be stopped.
  2. Has Google said You’re Taking Actions Against Guidelinesthis is a great way to see if you have been targeted and to know how you can change this if it has?
  3. Has There Been A Drop In Your Individual Keyword Ranking?Keeping track of your keyword rankings is a great thing for your SEO, but it is also good to keep on top of it in case of a hostile attack.
  4. Has There Been A Spike In Your BacklinksHow you monitor your keywords is how you should be keeping an eye on your backlinks, and if you notice a difference, this could be a sign of a negative SEO campaign.
  5. Be Aware Of Blocked Links Not Showingthere will be some cases in which the standard tools won’t be able to help you with this. So even if you are keeping an eye on these resources and ensuring nothing happens as you can, then still be neglecting these destructive hazards and links.

Cliff Notes On Common Negative SEO Tactics

There are many different SEO tactics. It is excellent to know how these other tactics work, the details behind them and how they can be monitored correctly.

  1. Spammy Link Development Or Removal Of High-Quality Links- this is the most common and most used tactic to date regarding SEO. Still, it is less active in this day in age because of Google, its algorithm, and how it can ensure that any links that are part of this will now be less damaging.

What Is Negative SEO?

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