What Is SEO Automation And How Does It Work?

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What Is SEO Automation And How Does It Work?

SEO continues to play a crucial role in determining a website’s success as we navigate the ever evolving field of digital marketing. Ultimately, the goal of SEO is to improve a business’s online presence through their page rankings, driving more traffic and hopefully resulting in more sales! Seems simple right? Thorough and successful SEO strategies are becoming more and more complex and time consuming which is why many businesses are turning to SEO automation. Arguably SEO automation has revolutionised the way we optimise websites for search engines – but how? This GrowTraffic blog aims to answer – What is SEO automation and how does it work?

Understanding SEO Automation

SEO automation refers to the use of tools and technology in order to streamline the process of website optimisation. A lot of SEO is repetitive, so how can we automate repetitive tasks in order to get data driven insights and make informed decisions guiding our SEO strategy? Through SEO automation!

The primary goal of automation, in any aspect of marketing but specifically with SEO is to save time and increase efficiency, all whilst getting the same great results.

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How Does SEO Automation Work?

There are a number of tools and techniques that go into SEO automation to ensure that it is still generating good results and not cutting important corners. SEO automation is ultimately a process designed to enhance the SEO process so we want to ensure it is doing exactly that!

Let’s delve into a breakdown of exactly how SEO automation works.

Keyword Research and Analysis

It is no secret that the key to a thorough SEO strategy starts with an in-depth keyword analysis. Automation works by helping to identify important keywords in your industry. Understanding what your target audience is searching for by analysing trends, search volume and competition is a brilliant way in which automation streamlines the lengthy process that kicks off an SEO strategy. By recommending the most valuable keywords for your website, you are then more clearly advised on what content to produce, thus improving rankings.

On-Page Optimisation

Another way in which SEO automation works is by optimising individual web pages – otherwise referred to as onsite optimisation. When looking at SEO as a whole on websites, it’s really important to focus on each individual page and how they might rank. Automation tools enable us to scan a website to highlight those all important on-page optimisation issues, clearly guiding us on what to fix!

By on-page optimisation issues, we mean things like missing meta tags, broken links, or duplicate content.

Content Creation

You may be bored of me saying this if you’re not a newbie here, but I really mean it when I say – content is king! Helpful, well optimised content is one of if not the, most important factors when it comes to ranking on SERPs.

When it comes to SEO automation with content, the techniques and tools can assist by providing topic suggestions, generating content outlines, and even generating titles for your content. But the fun doesn’t stop there, SEO can also be really useful for existing content, allowing you to analyse what is already on your site and optimise it accordingly. 

Link Building

Part of your off-page optimisation – link building. An important element to your off page SEO strategy can, yeah you guessed it, be made easier with SEO automation. Tools are available to help identify potential link building opportunities, streamlining a process that really can take up a lot of our time. Not just that but you can also implement automation techniques when it comes to outreaching for collaboration and tracking progress.

Algorithm Updates

Understandably, the latest search engine algorithms tend to be what throws business owners off. We have many people come to us and say “I was ranking, now I’m not” and our answer more often than not, goes straight back to algorithm updates! Unless you’re an algorithm geek (like us at GrowTraffic), knowing when an algorithm update is taking place, and understanding the effects of it is tough! SEO automation tools can help you stay updated with algorithm changes and adjust your SEO strategies accordingly.

Benefits of SEO Automation

We know the what and the how, now let’s explore the why. There are numerous benefits to using SEO automation:

  • Time and Resource Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Scalability
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SEO Automation With GrowTraffic

SEO automation is a game-changer in the world of SEO. More and more people are looking at ways to streamline their process making their business more efficient – and we have the answer!

Automation makes processes easier, saving time, and in turn, empowering businesses to achieve better results in the highly competitive online landscape. 

This isn’t to say however that it can do everything. The key to any successful strategy when it comes to digital marketing is in fact human intervention. An SEO strategy needs to have the touch of an expert to really go the distance. To harness the full potential of SEO automation, it should be used as a tool to complement your overall SEO efforts. 

It is no secret that search engines are continuing to adapt and evolve and in order to beat the best, you need to stay at the top of the game! Staying up to date with the latest SEO automation techniques and tools will be crucial for online success.

Need help with that? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team!

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