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What Is SEO?

In today’s blog post, one of the newest members of the GrowTraffic team, Honor Varnom, is answering one of the questions we are most frequently asked; what is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the main process of being able to take those all-important steps to help a website or even a piece of content rank higher on a particular platform, for example Google.


What’s The Difference Between SEO And Paid Advertising?


The key differences between SEO and then a paid advertisement is that the SEO actually involves an “organic” ranking, and therefore it doesn’t need an original payment to be placed in that particular spot.


Search engine optimization means being able to take an original piece of content and optimizing, or even re-writing, it so a well-known search engine, like Google, is then able to take it and show it towards the top of the SERPS (search engine results pages).


What Are The Three Pillars Of SEO?


When it comes to the three pillars of SEO, there are three equally important directions that this must go down and these are;

  1. On-page SEO

  2. Off-page SEO

  3. Technical optimization.


Whilst SEO changes frequently and mainly in small ways, its three main key principles do not. Let’s take a look at the three pillars of SEO in more detail;


What Is 0n-Page SEO?


On-page SEO is all about building the right amount of content that helps to improve your website’s ranking.


This therefore comes down to a few factors; the first is incorporating and including the correct keywords into your pages and their content. Also, being able to write high-quality content regularly and frequently is crucial. And finally, and potentially most importantly, making sure that your meta data and titles are extremely rich and written in a very understandable and searchable way.

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What Is Off-Page SEO?


Off-page SEO is being able to optimise your website and improve its visibility in the SERPs by taking action online in places other than on your website, for example, Google My Business.


This could include the use of backlinks. The most important part of this equation is being able to build and develop those relationships by then being able to create the content that many different people will want to share. This will take a lot of time and commitment, but this is one of the main routes to SEO success.


What Is Technical Optimisation?


Technical optimisation is the operation and also the process of completing activities on your website that are designed to boost and improve your SEO. This is not necessarily associated with the page’s content, but rather it happens in other areas of this website, such as on the back end.


Why Is SEO Important?


SEO is important because it shows that your website is friendly, appealing and trustworthy to your clients and enables your site to be indexed by search engines.


When visitors to your website see how captivating your website is, it will then most definitely increase the chances that your overall website will rank higher in different categories for the different search engine topics and boost the company and the concept behind it to a whole new level.


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