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What is The Best Competitive Analysis Tool for PPC Ads?

One of the best secrets of digital marketing is that you don’t need to be a creative genius to develop an excellent and effective campaign. Quite a lot of these ideas are used by others in graphics and have the right target.

In paid marketing, the use of technology makes it extremely easy.

There are easy-to-use PPC tools that help you crawl the web 24/7 and include all the data you need on many different outlets, their ranking level, the best keywords to use, and many other things.

PPC Tools To Steal Your Competitors Best Ads

  1. I spionage

Including I spionage, you can see how many different PPC ads your competitors are showing, for how long it has been running, which keywords they want the most and lost more.

Using this PPC tool also helps you see how these other advertisers are using their keywords, ads, and their main landing page.

You will also be able to see which ads of theirs are getting more traffic and what level they are ranking on Google.

  1. Wordtracker

Wordtracker and its PPC tool are pretty similar to the AdWords keyword planner that used to be used before Google ads, but with another layer of keywords and data from other sources.

You can save the keywords you have used and the ones you need all in one place. Also, the best part is that it is straightforward to use the PPC keyword information and its planning; the tools help with rivals and your campaigns.

  1. Search Monitor

The search monitor’s job is to crawl the web and keep an eye on ads in many different locations and devices. In addition, they are known for having two additional services: brand protection and insights.

Brands and other agencies can use this tool to detect brand violations that might be going on, track the affiliates that they are involved in and come up with a reasonable price level for their sellers in different areas.

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  1. Similar Web

Similar Web’s PPC tool can analyse the data that your competition will have and how that is impacting their website audience, demographics and marketing mix that will be included.

This tool also allows you to include your custom categories and benchmark your’e competitors more naturally than other resource areas that will only get views from URLs and is free to use.

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu is a software programme that mainly focuses on their competitor’s intelligence levels and its analysis for SEO and PPC campaigns.

SpyFu offers you many different and powerful tools for your PPC research, making it easier for you to spy on your competition. You can find the leading cause for any of your rival’s content and view everything they are doing for that domain.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a great comprehensive SEO tool and software platform. It has the option of including various tools that support your on-page and off page SEO content and its way of PPC advertising.

There are so many other benefits with this programme for all of the digital marketers that are working with their PPC ads, and these are:

  • Advertising research- this source lets all users type in their competitor’s domain and access their keywords, text, strategies, and budgets.
  • Display advertising- SEMrush can track all display ads and put them into a massive database that only subscribers can access.

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  1. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that has links to a PPC competitor analysis and features.

The algorithm for this eliminates the keywords that you might have in common with other people in your industry, which keywords you have both used and your total count through PPC.

  1. What Runs Where

This is the first tool that is known for exclusively providing PPC analysis. It collects lots of data from over 90,000 advertisers and lots of websites across five countries and includes the information in a database of over sixty million advertisements.

You can run a very successful PPC campaign as this platform offers you a deep and great insight into how you can see your competitor’s work and the kind of success that they are getting.

  1. Google Ads Auction Insights

Google Ads Auction Insight is a great way to measure your ad and your strategy and balance your overall PPC campaign and the performance levels of your campaign by using many different links.

some of these are:

  • Impression share
  • Overlap rate
  • Outranking Share
  1. Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad library is a social media attempt to include more data into its advertising business. The platform allows all users to search their advertiser’s name and see all of the content they have been producing by that advisor.

With Google having control over 40% of the PPC and advertising business and market, quite a lot of these PPC competitors and its tools focus on how you can do this with Google ads.

What is The Best Competitive Analysis Tool for PPC Ads?

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