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What Is the Best Time and Day to Publish a Blog Post?

At GrowTraffic, we offer a lot of advice on content, whether it be what your content should look like, what your blog posts should be about, or whom to aim your blog posts at. A question we often get asked, and something we haven’t covered much of in our blogs up until now is the when – what is the best time and day to publish a blog post? This blog aims to answer that question and offer insight into how audiences work, and therefore when is the best time to publish your content.

Understanding when the sweet spot is when it comes to publishing blog posts is tough – you want to publish your content on a day and at a time when it will receive the most traffic, the most interaction and in an ideal world, the most shares.

Although there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to blog posting, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning on publishing your blogs.

When Is Best To Publish A Blog Post?

The time of day and even the time of the week that a blog post is published can differentiate between a blog post that is read, understood, and even shared to a blog post that is ignored and ultimately forgotten about.

Studies have suggested that morning publishing is usually viewed more often and has a higher click through rate, often peaking at around 9am. Research also suggests that Monday, or earlier in the week, is better when it comes to posting on your website. Monday blog posts usually receive more views and the website tends to receive more traffic earlier in the week.

Although, this is generally speaking and in fact a lot of it, like with many other areas of marketing and SEO, ‘depends’. The time and day you choose to post depend on the format of your blog, your target audience, your industry, and a whole range of factors.

That’s really it – “it depends”!

Although there are tips and tricks when it comes to when is best to publish a blog post, ultimately, a blog post being interacted with more specifically relies on the quality and relevancy of the content

When to post also largely depends on the aim of a blog post. Let’s explore this.

Different Types Of Blog Posts And Their Different Optimum Times

Affiliate Blog Posts

For a post that contains an affiliate link – a link to a product in which the writer gets a commission, it makes sense to post this in line with payday! 53% of people get paid toward the end of a working week, so it makes the most sense to publish and affiliate blog posts on a Friday.

Sponsored Blog Posts

The success of these blog posts relies heavily on engagement, going beyond traffic, but instead link clicks and shares. The more engagement, the more successful the collaboration and therefore the more you get out of a sponsorship.

Finding the times when your blog gets the most engagement can be tough – start by exploring at which time of the week social media posts get the most engagement. Sharing your blog posts to social media channels at the right time can drive traffic to the blog post and therefore promote engagement.

Opinion Based Blogs

Or blog posts published for educational purposes – like this one! We think these types of blog posts are better published in the evening when people have time to sit, digest and act on the information you offer.

When it comes to the time of the week, think about when people have the most free time to sit and read a blog post – toward the end of a week, or even the weekend!

Publishing A Blog Post With GrowTraffic

Although ultimately, the answer we’ve given you regarding the best time to publish a blog post is “it depends”, there are tons of things to take into consideration.

We advise before jumping head first into blog posting, to strategise and produce a content calendar specifically for blog posts. This way you can split out your year, month or even week. Focus on offering your opinion later in the week, and later in the day, keeping up to date with changing social media engagement trends and making website content changes early in the morning!

We appreciate this is a lot to take in, and a complex field to navigate, so why not leave it to us?

If you would like to discuss a content calendar with us or have any questions regarding engagement on your blog posts – feel free to get in touch.

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