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What Is the Cheapest Way to Sell Online?

The cheapest way to sell online would be first to start an e-commerce store as WordPress has been the go-to page to create a store on as 27% of website owners use this site.


This is the best method to build.

The benefits of this are that you receive your domain name, and you can choose the free theme for your store.  With this shop, you can have a plan that includes many different benefits.

Online Websites Like eBay


Amazon is a great and cheap way to sell items online.

With large platforms like Amazon, you need to have a strategy to get a smaller piece of a large pie.  The slice may be smaller, but this means that you are still getting a decent amount.

The best way to make this platform successful online is to be ahead in a competitive environment by researching what products you want to sell before you put the time, energy, and commitment into selling them.


Etsy has an excellent online selling prospect. It now has over 1.6 million active sellers and 26.1 million active buyers.

Etsy has also been known for coming out as one of the top sellers for its easy-to-use website.

To succeed with this website, the best option is to be creating items yourself, as this is what they are known for. But do check their seller’s guide before doing this.

Selling Items Online with Quora

To sell online with Quora, the best thing to do is find a customer who has experienced this kind of thing before.

For example, one customer has said the product you want to sell needs to target a specific audience as it will make it easier to sell and cost less when advertising.

To save money advertising your products, you can use social media to do that for you instead of using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets.

To boost the sales of your online store, you can contact customers’ profiles, join business groups, be proactive and include the community by having a link for your website so they can click and buy.

offer various payment options including PayPal to sell online fast

Where to Sell Online for Free- The Best Websites and Apps

A great way to get extra money is by selling items online from the comfort of your own home.

You will need to have a plan of the best options to list the items you want to sell online. It would make it even better if you could find an opportunity where it is free.

Can You Sell Items Online for Free?

Websites can list your items for free, but a commission fee will be included in the transaction. (100% online sales, but no fees)

Websites can also list these items for free, but if you are local, you will meet in person to get your free item but not online.

Websites to Sell Items Online for Free (No Upfront Fees)


Vinted is a clothes platform that meets the criteria of selling items online for free.

It is a website and an app that sellers pay no fees on. No listing fee or commission fee.

Vinted works by charging the buyer £0.10 and 5% of the sale, so you get all the money, and the buyer pays the fees.

What is the cheapest way to sell online?

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