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What SEO Strategies Should A South Yorkshire Business Consider?

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a South Yorkshire business, it’s essential to consider both locally focused and general strategies. You can also try working with a South Yorkshire SEO agency that will better understand your unique requirements. Here are some SEO strategies for Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham businesses to consider.

SEO Strategies South Yorkshire

Local Keyword Optimisation

Even if your business operates beyond the boundaries of South Yorkshire, your biggest untapped market could be right on your doorstep. As well as making sure your website is optimised for industry keywords, have a dedicated campaign targeting local traffic too. For example…if you’re a hair salon in Rotherham, choose a range of keywords to reflect that – ‘Rotherham hairdressers’, ‘hair salon Rotherham’ and so forth. These should be included naturally in the copy on your website.

Identifying and targeting keywords that are specific to South Yorkshire and your industry will generate much more local traffic and raise the profile of your business in the local area.

Google My Business Optimisation

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a powerful tool when it comes to local SEO, and what’s more…it’s relatively simple to set up and is free!

Claim and optimise your Business Profile listing and update it with your current information such as location, opening times and more. The more active your profile is, the more you are going to be found by people searching in your area for local services. Try to post regular updates on your profile such as offers, new content, photographs and more.

To boost your profile even further, encourage existing or previous customers to leave reviews on your listing as this will strengthen your profile even further.

Local Link Building

Link building is an essential part of any good SEO strategy but can also be one of the most difficult tasks! Backlink building, in a nutshell, is getting other websites with more authority than yours, to link back to your website. This helps increase the authority of your own website and build trust – it’s like rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and hoping some of it rubs off on you!

Develop a strategy for local PR or sponsor local events to try and earn backlinks to your site naturally. As mentioned, earning backlinks can be hard though and sometimes you have to get your hands dirty and just ask other businesses if they will link to your content or website. You can do this by building relationships with other South Yorkshire businesses and discussing link-building opportunities. If you attend any local networking groups, it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve a few quality links.

Content Localisation

Creating regular engaging, quality content is something we are always banging on about…if you want to raise your profile online it’s a necessity and although time-consuming, it can be pretty rewarding in terms of web traffic.

If you want to raise your profile in your local area specifically, why not create local content for local people? Tailor your content to suit local needs and write, like you’re talking to local people (which you are!). For example, If you are based in Sheffield, create content that links your business with the city and what you do. Going back to hairdresser examples…a Sheffield hairdresser could blog about what hairstyles are trending in Sheffield. Use your local knowledge to speak to those around you!

Local Citations

Citations sort of come under the backlink building category but are usually seen as a separate task and don’t actually always involve a link back to your website. With citations, the aim is to get your business listed in online directories. It’s important when doing this to make sure your details (such as address and phone number) are consistent across all your listings.

You should list your business on all the major business directories in the UK but should also look for local websites where you can add your business. For example, Rotherham has a site specially for town centre retailers where businesses can add their details.

Social Media Presence

My final SEO strategy tip for South Yorkshire businesses isn’t SEO directly but it does help – it’s social media.  Try to maintain an active presence on social media platforms, as social signals can impact search rankings. Make your social media locally flavoured by sharing nearby events, and promotions, and demonstrating your community involvement.

Try A South Yorkshire SEO Agency

Of course, it would be rude of me to write this article and not mention ourselves…

GrowTraffic is a South Yorkshire SEO agency, with half our team based in Rotherham. Specialising in SEO and content creation, we’re always on hand to help businesses across the region optimise their local online presence and boost traffic.

As locals, we can offer our unique perspectives on SEO strategies for South Yorkshire, and we also have in-depth knowledge of how businesses operate in the area.

If you want to chat about local SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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