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What to Do if Your Google Ad Was Not Approved?

Google Ads are the same as any other advertisement system in place. However, you will need to have them approved for these ads to run smoothly.

The process in which this takes place is often automated and includes some necessary checks, but this does not mean that this action is easy to understand.

Sometimes with an ad, you may think that you have done all the work you needed to do, but it still gets rejected, and you are now wondering what you need to do to change what has happened.

Reasons Why Google Ads are Not Approved

There are so many different reasons why Google would not accept an ad in the first place, as they have some strict policies within their ad system that have to be followed.

Here are some of the known reasons why Google Might not accept an ad.

  1. You’re trying to advertise an item that is against their policies

You are not allowed to advertise any type of counterfeit products or goods. You can also not promote anything that could be dangerous to business or others, including drugs, explosives, and other harmful items.

  1. You’re trying to run ads that are not telling the whole story

If the landing page to your business is not showing the details of the terms that need to be included, this is a misinterpretation.

Anything in which Google thinks you are not telling the truth about what you are selling will cause an advertisement to be rejected.

Google algorithm updates

Change and Resubmit Your Ad

If the advertisement that you are trying to get approved gets rejected and is not related to where it originally came from, there are then some steps that you can go through to try and fix the ad:

  1. Include the ad that you want to change on the extension page
  2. You will see if it has been accepted or disapproved
  3. Hover over the ad and know why it is within the policy violation
  4. Read the policy and learn how to fix your advertisement
  5. Click the icon and edit your ad/ extension
  6. Save the changes, and your ad will be reviewed again and checked for updates.

It’s not a secret that Google has been taking disapprovals more seriously lately.

This is because they are changing how they regulate all advertisements and how they are being shown to all users. Google is also making sure that all ads are checked and will get disapproved if they need to.

Why You Should Care About Ad Disapprovals

For the people that do this regularly, Google is allowed to suspend or even cancel your Google ads account. If this were to happen, it would mean that your Google ads haven’t been approved, and our history not being visible.

What To Do When Your Ad Gets Disapproved?

The best way to sort this when your ad gets disapproved is to fix the live advertisement and its disapprovals. If this doesn’t work, then I would suggest that you get rid of the ad in its entirety so that this isn’t always on your mind.

Many of these disapproved ads don’t have any background data included, so this isll noticeable to run, so they have not been accepted.

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What Are Some of The Reasons Why They Are Disapproved?

Below are a few of the reasons why they are not always accepted.

  1. Your ad mentions themes that are deemed non-acceptable to Google

When fixing your ads and changing them from disapproved, you must stay away from anything involving adult-related content that can be dangerous and offensive to others.

  1. Your ad mentions the use of copyrighted content

If another company in the same industry as you have used copyright over certain words, you will more than likely be flagged for using the same dishes. To stop this from happening, find a different meaning for the same word instead.

  1. You included your company’s business number in the ad text

Google will realise when you have put your business’s contact number in your ad by mistake due to the rejection, and instead, you should include an extension to this, which will help your ranking levels and scores.

What To Do If Your Ads Don’t Get Approved by Google?

  1. Review the headline

Without question, Google ads will automatically disapprove if the headline that needs to be included in the content is not relevant to your business and your keywords. So this is where their ads will be affected.

  1. Have an ace description

Google and its ads need a great description that will blow all these consumers’ socks off as they will then want to take part in this and see some great results in other areas and social media.

  1. Use the right keywords

Google always makes sure that the right keywords, adverbs, and text are corrected, even in a different format. They also like to see how these keywords can be used in different ways and help you to rank higher for your targets.

What to Do if Your Google Ad Was Not Approved

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