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What to Do When Your AdWords Ad is Limited by Your Budget

Limited by budget” is a form of bidding for the strategy your business will have, and it is used when your daily budget is a lot lower than what you expected. If you decide to increase your bids, you will then get an increase in your ads.

So, you will get a high result for your bid that can lead your campaign to become limited by budget after setting a minor adjustment; try to consider that you may be preventing your business from getting new traffic.

What Does Limited By Budget Mean?

The AdWords guide that is in place clearly states that the status of your campaign will be updated when the limited by budget has happened because your budget has been lowered by a certain amount and the amount that it has been recommended to be at.

To put this simply, your keywords and the bids you have linked to your campaign could affect you when you are possibly spending more than your limit, and so you will see this message if that is the case.

Being Limited By Budget Carries A Few Consequences

  1. Your ads will not be eligible for as many impressions as they could be. This will depend on which setting you have your campaign level on, so this will either limit your budget or if your ads will be performing fast.

Your Google ad will be shown in as many auctions as possible if this is the case. The challenge here could be that you may run out of your limited budget earlier than you expected.

  1. Your ads will not receive as many clicks as are available. This might not always be seen as bad news, but with every unfortunate click that you may miss, you can also risk the chances of not being able to see all of those high-quality searches as well.
  2. You will not have a chance to convert more than many visitors. If you are missing all of the shots that you are not taking, then you are missing the opportunities to convert each click with your limited budget that you are missing.

What Factors Play Into Limited By Budget?

  1. Keyword selection. If you have done a great job with the keywords you have included, everyone in your account should help you convert.

But if users are searching for your keywords and clicking on your ad, you could be limiting your AdWords budget, and it could deteriorate quickly.

  1. Ad copy. If your ad is successful, it will receive a lot of appeals.
  2. Every keyword used and clicked on will cost your business some money. If your requests are being rated higher, you will run out of your budget a lot sooner.
  3. There are so many different settings that could be affecting how far you’re limited by budget can go with your ad campaign.

This can include mobile devices, parting, focus and seeing if your display network affects your target audience.

  1. Your Google AdWords Budget

Budgeting for SEO

Use Ad Scheduling

One of the fantastic things about AdWords is that they can provide all the information you could ever need. One of these sources is to know when all of these conversions are happening and if they can affect your limited budget.

This is where ad scheduling can help you bring down your daily costs. For example, if one of your campaigns was limited by its budget, it might not get seen by users at all hours of the day.

Pause Non-Converting Keywords

Before you decide to pause the keyword you have used, you need to ensure that it is not linked to any online conversions and phone calls. A great way to keep track of them is to include the data in Google Analytics and AdWords.

After realising which keywords need to be converted, you can then pause them, letting them have more of a limited budget to perform on. This will be the best result as it will boost your overall sales.

Is “Limited By Budget” Just a Google Ads Scam?

It’s no secret that many use marketers are a bit wary of anything that Google is suggesting we do regarding our money and our limited budget.  This is the go-to move for Google since we all probably know how much money they make through their Google AdWords.

There will always be keywords that Google may not necessarily like, but they are the ones that they always end up showing anyways. So Google will always be known for what trends they decide to follow and if the keywords will work for them in the long run.

If your campaign is known for being limited by its budget, look at the data from your ad campaign, and you will see that one of them is higher than the others, so some of them may be getting more traffic.

What to Do When Your AdWords Ad is Limited by Your Budget

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