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What’s The Average Approval Times For New Google Ads AdVariations

This is probably a question that every single marketer and advertiser would like an answer to regarding Google ads and their variation.

The only problem is that getting to that conclusion is not as simple as people may think.

Conversion rates are known to always be at high speed, especially where google is involved but getting to the results you are looking for takes time and can be somewhat of a challenge.

How Does This Particular Ad Process Work?

After you have initially created and also edited an ad, this review process for these Google ads begins immediately. The content you have included in your ad of choice is reviewed, including all the essential information.

If your work passes this stage, it will start to run. If this isn’t the case, it will be known as “disapproved”, and this means it will not be able to progress further. You will be informed of this decision and the possible violation and directed on what you can do next.

How Long Will It Take For These Google Ads and Its Variation To Work?

The timeline that is included in this process will vary for every business that is included in Google ads. The experience that has been used for these kinds of campaigns, especially in small companies and industries, it is recommended that:

  1. A six-month gap so all of your ad campaigns can rank themselves
  2. 6-12 months for your PPC campaigns to become strong and confident.

What Is The Period Of This Google AdWords Process?

The AdWords checking process 

When designing a new ad or tweaking an old one, the ad must still go through the approval process for it to be deemed successful and safe.

This process is a team of different and streamed filters that scan and look at anything that they think shouldn’t be included in this and might cause some problems with Google and their current ads policies.

How long does this kind of process take?

Google has briefly mentioned that it will take a couple of days for these Google AdWords variations to be approved. The great thing is that with the new interpretation of these kinds of ads, it is now done within a couple of hours instead of days.

Do remember though there are some slight changes to the current calculation, everything in the process will still be the same.

How To Get These Google Ads Variations Approved Quickly?

Your account is all ready to go and is part of your business. However, you have one last issue on your hands when you realise that your ad is still being processed, which you may feel confused and a bit annoyed.

How does this work?

The ad process happens as soon as you have set up your account on Google AdWords. Once this has happened, it will automatically go to the approval and review section of the process.

There are a few things that they look for, and that is:

  • Spammy headlines
  • How you have explained the ad
  • Do the keywords that you have used make sense
  • Is your main landing page the same as your ad?

How long does a review like this take, and why?

Google AdWords has over a million advertisers that use their platform daily. This means that there are a lot of other marketers in the same industry as you that make new ads every day.

On average, Google will try to go through most ads and push them live within one business day.

How to Get your ad variations approved quickly?

Google AdWords has a very long list of requirements you must pass. You will need to go through the terms and conditions and ensure that you understand what they are asking of you before you click on “agree”. This is the trick to getting these variations approved as quickly as possible.

You need to make sure that you get the green light on:

  1. Prohibited content
  2. Prohibited practises
  3. Restricted content

Why Does It Take So Long To Get Google AdWords to Be Approved?

Someone who works at Google has explained why it takes so long for AdWords and ad variations to be approved. This is typical with the new and modified ones, and they have said anywhere between 24 hours and three days.

They have also said that:

All new and old ads are submitted to us for review. We try to review these as quickly as possible; this is usually done within three business days and sometimes sooner, within 24 hours. Your ad will be approved automatically if it meets our policies and guidelines.

Remember that sometimes we need an extra set of hands from a human to confirm that your ad can run and be served.

Can A/B Testing Speed Up The Google Ads variation process?

When it comes to these kinds of Google ads, there are many questions about whether this is an issue for paid ads.

They are the centre of ad and A/B testing, and more often than not, it makes the process a lot more challenging to deal with because of the lack of time and many other reasons.

But currently, this isn’t the case.

Now that there is a Google Ads variation part to the puzzle, it has never been simpler to create your fantastic ad feature and ensure it works properly. But sadly, not that many advertisers or marketers are taking advantage of this change.

In my opinion, I would as it is a fresh opportunity.

What are The Average Approval Times For New Google Ads Ad Variations

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