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What’s The Best Mix Of Blogs, Video And Graphics When Content Marketing?

With several different types of digital marketing at your disposal, you need a clear strategy and find out what’s the best mix of blogs, video and graphics when content marketing?

Do You Have A Digital Marketing Strategy?

First things first, you will need a clear digital marketing strategy before doing anything else.

You can of course, just post content as and when you think it’s appropriate, but this is very much a hit and miss approach which can end up driving people away from your website.

A digital marketing strategy should align itself with the main aims and goals of the business.

At the earliest stage possible, the marketing team or content marketing agency need to sit down with business owners or managers to agree on a strategy.

What Type Of Business Is It?

The best mix of blogs, video and graphics when content marketing will be dependent on the type of business it is.

A manufacturing company that make parts for fridges won’t necessarily lend itself to much video content marketing.

However, blogs, how-to-guides and infographics would work well.

Whereas a life coach or personal trainer would find videos are a more natural type of content marketing.

It also depends on how established the business is, a start-up business is going to need more content marketing across the board, but a large company with a healthy following on social media could find that one good targeted ad campaign will be enough to generate traffic.

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Performance Indicators And Analytics

For any digital marketing strategy, you are going to have to track how well (or not) it is performing.

Always bear in mind content marketing is often a long game and changes can take time to have a noticeable impact.

By tracking the performance of any content marketing, you will know when to change tack or carry on.

If you are producing reports and graphs for board members and clients, don’t make it overly complicated.

We recently wrote about what performance indicators should be given to board members here.

If videos are attracting traffic, then make more videos. If a how-to-guide isn’t being read, think about how you could make it more appealing.

Turn it into an infographic, for example, or make it the subject of a podcast.

A Bit Of Everything

You will probably find that a bit of each type of content marketing will be the way to go. The style and tone will vary depending on the company and the product, but you should be able to use most online platforms.

As long as the content is tailored to align with the digital marketing strategy, it should be ok to use.

Consider using a content calendar for your content marketing, we have a downloadable template here.

You can put ideas for blogs and social media posts on the calendar and plan it as far ahead as you like.

It’s a good document to show clients, it is easy to follow and if you are sharing the work between a team of workers it’s an excellent starting point for work allocation.

It also stops several people all posting something at the same time, clogging up peoples Facebook or Instagram feed, making them more likely to keep scrolling.

Don’t Forget The Website!

It’s very easy to get carried away with posting content marketing out on different platforms and forgetting to do the same with the website.

Don’t forget, you don’t just want people to engage with social media, you want them to go to the website, stay there for a bit and ultimately make an enquiry and make a purchase.

If you are making video content marketing and it is proving to be a hit on Facebook or Instagram, then make sure it is on a landing page on your website.

If the content marketing is working, make sure the website doesn’t get stale and tired.

One last thing to consider, is, not panicking…

Like we said earlier, content marketing is a long game and sometimes you have to be patient and give the content a chance to reach people.

Don’t underestimate how time-consuming it will be, content marketing when it is done well will take up a lot of hours.

Which is why a lot of companies will outsource their digital marketing to a content marketing agency, like us here at GrowTraffic.

Finally, we will leave you with an inspirational video. No, wait! Don’t go, come back! It’s not one of those inspirational videos.

Red Bull is a really good example of content marketing being turned into a media company.

It’s not a 3-hour documentary either, it’s only 3 minutes and 45 seconds long, so if you have time, give it a watch.

You just might get some content marketing ideas for you and your clients. Good luck and give us a call if you would like any guidance on the best mix of blogs, video and graphics when content marketing.


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