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What’s The Most Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

Let’s face it – digital marketing is a must for most businesses. In the age of digital marketing, traditional marketing has long been pushed aside. Gone are the days of lengthy newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages – how great were the Yellow Pages?! Albeit not exactly environmentally friendly…

Anyway, as I was saying, digital marketing strategies such as social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, PPC and video marketing are being used now more than ever.

If you’re working with a tight marketing budget, you may be looking for the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy. And for start-up businesses, having a successful, cost-effective digital marketing strategy is essential. In this blog, we’re going to outline the top five cost-effective digital marketing strategies.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is great. As far as digital marketing strategies go, email marketing is incredibly affordable. Plus, it delivers an excellent return on investment. Email marketing campaigns allow you to build a relationship with potential customers and gives you direct access to your target audience.

However, an email marketing campaign will only work if you have a mailing list with the right type of customers. That’s where SEO comes in. Similarly, a successful email marketing campaign requires high-quality, compelling content, which is where content marketing comes in.

Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategies

2. SEO

An SEO strategy usually includes keyword research, competitor research, content marketing, blogging, link building, on-site optimisation and content distribution. It’s an ongoing process, which, if done correctly will lead to long-term results for your business.

Search engine optimisation is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy as it directly targets people actively searching for keywords relating to your product or service.

Blogging is an essential part of SEO. Having an informative, relevant blog that’s well-written and optimised is a successful way to attract the right audience and increase traffic to your business’ website. Blogging as part of your SEO strategy is a long-term process, which can help develop sustainable traffic.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing includes creating infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars, step-by-step guides and blogs and strategically distributing them on targeted websites and social media channels.

Content marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy as it relies on your own knowledge of your product and industry. It enables you to build brand loyalty, drives conversions and assists you in building authority. When it comes to affordability and cost-effectiveness, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing yet generates more than 3 times as many leads, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great marketing tool. And if you’ve got a tight budget, you might want to start brushing up on your social media marketing skills. Because although it’s cost-effective and affordable for most businesses; social media marketing requires more time and effort than people initially think.

Social media marketing is particularly useful for targeting specific demographics and is great for reaching a wide targeted audience on a small budget. Your social media posts should include relevant and informative content.

5. PPC

PPC includes paid social, paid search and retargeting. Those with a tight budget often shy away from PPC as they see it as something you have to pay for. However, PPC is actually ideal if you’re on a tight budget, as it allows you to set your maximum spend. Your budget can then be split between Google ads, paid social media and of course, retargeting.

Retargeting is a valuable and cost-effective digital marketing strategy as it re-engages potential customers who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

Social media marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategies

Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Best For My Business?

When it comes to digitally marketing your business, trial and error will go a long way. If you want to yield a high return on investment, you must first figure out which digital marketing strategy works best for your business. Most people find that a combination of numerous digital marketing strategies works best for them.

Luckily, unlike traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing strategies are easily measurable. When choosing a digital marketing strategy, the key is to try out various methods and use analytics tools to figure out which ones are the most effective for your business.

Once you know which digital marketing strategies work well, you can then divide your digital marketing budget between them.

Digital marketing trends are always changing, and the algorithms of Google, Facebook and Instagram etc. are updated regularly. So, it’s important to regularly measure the results of your digital marketing strategies. This way you can adjust your digital marketing budget and digital marketing strategies, depending on which ones are working better at a certain time.

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