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When Does Google AdWords Charge Your Credit Card?

Being one of the largest advertising networks worldwide, Google is pretty precise with its billing schedule and how they charge your credit card. And yes, we know it’s called Google Ads now, but everyone still calls it Google AdWords, so for the purpose of this blog we’ll use a mix of Google Ads and AdWords.

Once you get to grips with how everything works, it will make sense for you, but the trick is understanding how it all works.

Manual Payments and Payment Control

There are manual and automatic payments. Whilst you can set up Google Ads to take cash from you via bank transfer most often, Google Ads users rely on payments via credit cards.

Manual payments

Manual Payments are straightforward, so I will include them in this blog post before we dig into the more exciting details of automatic payments.

Manual payments are a pre-paid way of advertising. With manual payments set on your account, you pay to Google before you run any ads on your website. Your ads won’t run at all until you have made a payment.

First, there will be the processing time that is involved in adding money to G. This process can take happen from a day to a week, or even more for more extended payment methods or when there’s a possibility of fraud with the type of payment you choose to use.

Automatic Payment Process and Schedules

With your Google Ads account set to automatic payments, you just need to add a payment method to your account, which is generally your credit card when you reach a specific payment process.

Automatic payments

These automatic payments can trigger an alarm bell when one or two of these processes comes out of your credit card.

The first is easy, it’s a month since your last payment. So, if you pay on a specific date, your next payment date would be 30 days since your last payment.

Since this payment is not once a month, your payment date will gradually shift according to how many days are in each month.

the image shows a credit card about to be used

Payment Estimations

So, there are a couple of things to think about. First, of all, you might be paying under some of the other options we’ve not looked at in this post and you’re not pre-paying more than your costs.

If you are paying more than what you should be charged with these payments, you will end up with a confusing billing schedule, and you will need to look at your Google Ads account to see when your next payment will end up due and being taken from your credit card.

Using promotional credits

Google and other businesses sometimes share their Google Ads promotional codes as part of an offer they have worked for.

Which you can use to get points or other bonuses in your account. If you’ve received this code, learn how to include it or find out why it might not process through your account or credit card.

Finding and Changing Your Payment Process

I know it is hard to understand, but that happens when you need to explain a generic answer to a broad audience of customers and users.

If you came to this post especially wondering when your next payment will be due. You can look it up very quickly. Just go to your AdWords account and click the icon.

If you have the extension, look for the Setup tag and find Billing & Payments. Then, click on whichever is relevant to you and your business and look for the progress bar.

This will show you how much you have moved up towards your payment process that month through your credit card, when the next payment date is, and how close you are to reaching this process instead.

Bank Cards

What To Do If You Do Not Want to Pay More Than What You Pay Each Month?

One of the many challenges all businesses face is the unfortunate fact that they have budgets to deal with every month.

You may have realised that you need to take a break from your campaign because it is getting a bit taxing on your credit card as you have reached your monthly limit. Maybe you can improve your ad campaign levels if you get someone to help with this.

How To Fix Any Payment and Billing Issues

Google prides itself in giving customers and users a service that is trustworthy, efficient, and reliable. However, they know that mistakes happen with payment methods, especially credit cards.

What Is Google’s Recommendation

Google recommends adding a backup payment option to avoid situations where an unaccepted credit card can cause your ads to stop performing. This is not needed, but it is great practice if your business heavily relies on your advertising. At GrowTraffic we have two different payment options on Google Ads – despite there always being cash in the account to cover it.

When Does Google Ads Charge Your Credit Card?

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