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Which Ad Networks Have the Best Cost Per Conversion?

Whether you are an experienced PPC adviser or just getting to know how all of this works, there is always room to explore these new ad networks and see which ones have the best cost per conversion that can help you to grow your business.

Every platform you come across has a slight difference in audience and customer background, targeting options and goals, bidding methods and how they decide to charge their ad network costs.

Popular Ad Network Platforms That Are Great For CPC

Before we even mention the different ad networks that can help your cost per conversion, is it worth talking about all the other ad networks that marketers use for their business?

There is one main reason why they are so popular: all of these media platforms have the most significant kind of audiences and great systems that help them with this.

Below are some of the top ad networks.

  1. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are one that everyone is still surprised by as not a lot of people think that Facebook can reach these kinds of levels, but they are proving everybody wrong, especially where the cost per conversion is involved.

They are earning up to £22,082,000,00 a year in the UK and $27 billion in the US.

  1. Google ads

We will all be familiar with Google ads by now as they are the ones most known for this kind of cost-per-conversion work. However, when you choose Google, you have many different options in how this can happen from the search or display networks.

  1.  Instagram ads

Instagram is a top-rated social media platform app that is known for sharing photos. The site has so many users a month that it has reached the 1 billion market, and so this is great for cost per conversion as it engages with users and customers who have an idea for video and photography.

  1. LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is the go-to for creative and B2B advertisers that help them promote the message they are trying to get across with their business. Advertising on their site and app is self-explanatory and can be filtered to what you want it to be about, for example, the industry you work in.

  1. Twitter ads

Twitter and its comprehensive advertising platform is a strategy that has seen so much growth in the last few years, in particular, reaching a very high revenue cost of over 1 billion, and that is just in 2021.

Twitter is also a high-cost per conversion option as it helps you to improve your business in so many different ways, such as:

  • Higher levels of website traffic
  • Better video views
  • Engagement levels rise
  • Quicker app installs
  • Better reach levels

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The Top CPC Ad Networks For All Advertisers And Publishers

From an advertiser’s standpoint, you will want a kind of ad network from a cost-per-conversion point of view that is simple and does not cost a bomb. You will want one that doesn’t require much work to be put into it and one that those great publishers can dazzle their work on.

  1. Info links

Info links are one of the leading ad networks, as they are known for dealing with other ad formats as well as their own. This kind of text ad can be more engaging and helpful than others because of the clicks and other sources.

  1. Media net and other links

Media net is an excellent option for all publishers and costs per conversion, but from an advertiser’s perspective, you will need to use another source to log into. A great thing is this kind of ad network has links to Yahoo and Bing.

  1. Adsterra

Now, this is the company that has one of the best foundations for cost per conversion, especially with its ad network. This is because they have so many different options for your target. Rather than choosing s simple engine, they have a bigger engine.

  1. Galaksion

This ad network link is another excellent and known network currently available in the cost-per-conversion market, especially for advertisers looking to expand their branches past the current English market.

  1. Vertoz

This ad network option has two different sections that can be chosen. First, you have the central ad system, which can help you with your campaigns for your cost per conversion. Also, there is a self-serve kind of system run by a particular programme as their results are terrific.

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High CPC Ad Networks For All Marketers

  1. Ad cash

They are known for accessing all ads that can target the right kind of ads through their customers and businesses’ interests; they are a network based on their users, which is over 200 million through their campaigns.

  1. Advertiser

This kind of ad network and cost-per-conversion option is excellent for a smaller variety of companies as they offer an easy and simple sign-up process to their website that will not involve disruptions.

They are known for dealing with traffic and targeting businesses based on their ads and campaigns.

  1. Google AdSense

Even in the daily and ever-changing levels of the competition, Google AdSense will always be the best ad network for cost per conversion as a whole.

This is because they are one of the most accessible and influential networks, with a viral market share of over 70% in the PPC network and ad market.

Which Ad Networks Have the Best Cost Per Conversion?


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