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Which Industries Are Next To Join The Subscription Economy?

The new changes that are going on in many different areas are changing the economy. But the question is, which industries are next to join the current subscription economy?

All companies are racing to ensure they have the best subscription to meet these critical needs found on the internet and through other means such as software and analytics.

What Is the Foundation of The Modern Subscription Economy?

Over the last ten years, the subscription model has been adapted and changed in all areas of these industries. This has made all consumers and users realise that they are the foundation of the modern subscription economy.

Media companies

All media companies have always hoped that there would be an option for subscription pricing. This all began in the late ’40s when the television industry equalled 90 million households by 2018.

Netflix has rocketed the concept of online streaming services.


The company AOL launched simple internet in the late ’90s. MCI put together an excellent telephone plan in the early 200s, offering a flat rate through a monthly payment. 


The concept behind Amazon prime has worked tremendously well. As of January 2019, their prime membership sales rocketed to 100 million, and this was just their American customers.

Then Costco, the warehouse chain, gained over 97 million cardholder sales in 2019.

Why Has the Subscription Economy Market Changed?

The subsequent growth that this kind of economy has is through many different sources such as DIY, technology, and all department stores. It has also been mentioned that there will be a rise in the subscription businesses bettering their current line of work.

This will help others to understand which industries are the next to join the subscription economy.


Currently, as the cost-of-living prices are changing and rising, 50% of all businesses that offer subscriptions as their line of work have to cut their price options to attract the right kind of customers and consumers.

This could be a very beneficial sales tactic, with a known bank saying that the average percentage of consumers trying to build their brand themselves, using a subscription can go on to get a lot of long-term customers.

Younger consumers

The demand for all businesses to have subscriptions as part of their business is thriving through the younger generation, especially in London. Then across the country, over 20% of people have said they will sign up for a new subscription idea by the end of the year.

The younger demographic will also choose these kinds of subscriptions as gifts for others; this is pretty high compared to the expected average in this industry.

Current Trends for The Subscription Economy

Quite a lot of trends have occurred within the last few years, especially this year in 2022. The directions for this year will continue to be the same but at a faster rate even after covid-19.

Annual subscription expectation

All subscription businesses have grown exponentially, driven by the interest of all consumers and their demand for new subscription services. Since then, quite a lot of these services have grown to be even more significant, and they have managed to outsource the rest.

We hope these trends continue into the next few decades, mainly because of how the subscription economy can change and improve the overall rate of these services through many different outlets.

The average time spent with all sources of media in different countries

All global consumers see the difference between these kinds of services. All areas of social media have helped this boost worldwide; this could eventually run over to apps and websites such as Facebook, YouTube and many other platforms that can reach the entire globe.

The impact of this will be much more significant than we initially thought, with many other links perhaps not as apparent to how this can impact the economy and the benefits it can have as a whole in the next few years.

What Are the Overall Benefits of The Subscription Economy Model?

The main benefits of a subscription economy and service are more significant than any consumer’s scale and how they might merchant themselves. So this kind of model shows them that even when a lot of different aspects of data have been involved, they can track and look at the insights in depth.

Consumer demand

The current payment options in this kind of industry have never been better and more accessible. All consumers want it to be as fast as possible whilst also being the leading solution of how they are meeting all of the demands for this. 

Payment steps

The current consumer demand mainly relies on the changes to the subscription economy. The convenience and flexibility are two of the most important links to this and their overall buyer’s journey, so you will have to work quickly to ensure this happens.

Which Industries Are Next to Join the Subscription Economy?

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