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Which Is The Best Content Marketing Agency In The UK

Here at GrowTraffic, we are often asked who the best content marketing companies are, which got us thinking why don’t we make a top ten chart?we love top ten charts. So, which is the best content marketing agency in the UK?

The Science Behind The List

With thousands of content marketers out there it can be difficult to decide who to use – unless you have a huge budget you need to make sure that the company you choose are good at what they do and won’t just make impossible promises.

With that in mind, we’ve done some research and hopefully helped to narrow down the field.

You may be wondering what methodology we used and while it isn’t completely scientific, it is more reliable than whatever Apple uses for the iPhone weather app.

Incidentally, this year the iPhone weather app this year has let us know there was a tornado in Bacup when it was sunny and predicted 3 weeks of snow when we got 2 days, and it’s only March.

We tried a variety of google searches all based around the keywords ‘content marketing agency’

We then searched ‘content marketing agency UK’ or ‘content marketing agency London’ and ‘content marketing agency Manchester’.

Finally, we searched for ‘content marketing agency wales’ and ‘content marketing agency Scotland’

For each search result, we recorded the top ten results, ignoring any location-based search results.

As a bit of a wildcard entry, we also searched for ‘content market agency award’ and ‘content marketing campaign award’.

How We Got The Top Ten

Next, we looked at the results for all the searches and put them into a matrix. We say matrix, it was actually Microsoft Excel.

We haven’t got the budget the BBC have for any flash graphics so tried to jazz it up a bit but it didn’t really work.

After the data was analysed, those content marketing agencies which appeared in the most searches formed our top ten.

Without any further ado, let us start the music and look at the contenders for best content marketing agency in the UK.

Number 10

Let’s kick off with the first entry in the list, a big cheer for Barnsley based Big Foot Digital.

A relatively small team of twenty, especially when compared to many others in the top ten, Big Foot Digital are certainly stomping their way to becoming one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies

Number 9

At number 9 this week is SortList, they have offices in New York, Paris, Madrid, Rotterdam, Romania and Brussels, but not in the UK.

Number 8

The entry for best content marketing agency at number eight is Screaming Frog, a household name in the world of SEO and a band on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury for everyone else.

Screaming Frog is based in Oxfordshire and got their name after seeing a frog that stood up for itself when corned by two cats belonging to one of the founders.

Yes, you did read that correctly. We should be thankful they aren’t called Dismembered Mouse or Suspicious Vomit.

Number 7

Number 7 in our top ten is 265Content, who are based in a 200-year-old factory in Dublin. Their website is a particular favourite of ours so definitely go and have a look to get some ideas and inspiration.

Number 6

Zazzle Media are number 6. Based in London and Peterborough, Zazzle Media started out in a living room and are now “part of the world’s fourth-largest advertising and marketing group; IPG Mediabrands.”

Number 5

It’s ok, we are halfway there, not long to go now *downs espresso*

A new entry this week at number 5 is the digital marketing agency, Impression.

Amongst other notable achievements, the Nottingham and London based company won two awards at last year’s European Search Awards for best SEO Campaign In Health and Best Use Of PR In A Search Campaign.

Number 4

Passion is number 4. We like these guys, like GrowTraffic they have a focus on transparency as one of their core values – and they clearly know what they’re doing!

the image shows a top 3 podium

Number 3

We have (finally) reached the all-important top three contenders to be the best content marketing agency in the UK.

Moving up to number 3 this week is Brafton. Brafton is a global digital marketing agency with offices in London, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Australia.

Number 2

Somewhat surprisingly, the second-best content marketing agency in the UK isn’t based in America or even London.

No, it is the Sheffield based agency Evoluted!

Founded in 2006, Elvoluted has certainly gone from strength to strength and they have won so many awards that we are just a little bit jealous.

Number 1

Well done for sticking around when many others would have bailed at around number 6.

The best content marketing agency in the UK is…


This agency featured in just about every single one of our keyword searches, Click has several bases in the UK and is well worthy of this position.

OK, we know this isn’t really the most scientific list in the world but hopefully, it’s useful! It is good to see some companies that don’t have worldwide offices or aren’t London based in the top ten, long may this continue.

We also hope to see GrowTraffic on the chart the next time with a brand new entry in the top ten!

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