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Which political party is winning on Google?

As a freelance seo consultant I’ve spent a lot of my time with my head in keyword research and search trends. The keywords we use in search engines and on social media, and the trends in which people use those keywords can offer an incredible insights into an audience. So I thought I’d have a look at how the political parties are doing in the battle for interest on Google. The results are quite interesting.

It appears that UKIP has the highest levels of interest in UK, with Labour being the second most searched for party and notably the conservatives are fairly consistently the party that generates the least interest via Google searches. It’s also curious to see that Labour has generated the most interest throughout the UK, whereas the other political parties are significantly weaker in some of the UK’s constituent countries (for example the Conservatives have limited interest in Scotland).

When drilling into the search interest trends a bit more we can see that the SNP has made more of an impact in terms of interest in news content about them, with trends for Labour and UKIP similar to overall trends, but noticeably, where there’s very little interest in the Conservative’s news (so little it doesn’t even get featured on Google’s graph).

In all the different types of data from Google we see that UKIP are leading the way in terms of interest. Interest on Google doesn’t give us an indication of the way people are going to vote, however it’s really interesting to see which parties are driving the agenda and generating higher levels of interest in this very hotly contested election campaign.

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