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Who are the Leading SEOs in the UK?


I thought I’d come up with a list of the leading SEOs in the UK. This is a bit more tricky than you’d think and I’ve had to have a bit of a play around with the results to get this list together.

Without boring you with the methodology I basically had a search around for the key websites that provide SEO services that have the most visibility. I discounted websites that had exact match domains on the thought that this was too easy, I also favoured those websites that ranked using an internal page rather than the homepage and have based this list on a number of different areas of SEO, namely: SEO consultancies, Freelance SEOs, SEO Copywriters and SEO Programmers.

This isn’t a list of the best seo agencies, seo consultant, or seo copywriter – this is about the visibility of websites in the SEO sector – but if a seo company, freelance seo consultant or seo programmer can’t get themselves to rank for their chosen area of SEO expertise you’re probably not going to want to speak to them anyway!

30 Leading SEOs in the UK

The 30 leading SEOs I’ve chosen here – displayed in alphabetical order:

I hope this is a bit of fun as much as anything else! I’d love to know if there are names here you think shouldn’t be – or names/websites that you think should be here and what you think the methodology for building such a list should be. I’ve been considering developing a site that would look at this a little more scientifically/automatically and would be grateful for your thoughts on how to do this.

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