Why Blogging Should Be The Key To Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Why Blogging Should Be The Key To Your Content Marketing Strategy

There is a lot of different types of content marketing you can carry out online, so it’s only right you’re questioning what type of content marketing you should be doing. Fundamentally though, I believe blogging should be the core and foundation of your content marketing strategy and I’m going to explain why here:

Blogging drives traffic

Whenever we create a content marketing strategy for a customer our main focus is how we can create a compounding traffic impact. That means we create content that will always be relevant and will always be found by people searching on Google. Over time a large amount of content can produce huge amounts of targeted traffic. In fact, blogging is said to make your website 4x more likely to be found in high positions in the SERPs than those websites that don’t blog.

Blogging helps generate organic links

Links are essential for your website’s SEO. If you want to rank highly then you’re going to need a lot of links. But most websites don’t drive traffic to their services pages but rather grow links through interesting pieces of content such as blog posts. Companies that regularly blog have 97% more inbound links. More blogs, especially more blogs with interesting and informative, unique pieces of well put together content are going to drive more of those lovely links.

Blogging increases the relevancy of your website

We create a lot of content about content marketing and SEO and that’s because we want to be found for those kinds of keywords. But we don’t just want our blog posts to be found, we really want our money pages (service pages) to be found. That’s because they are the conversion pages which are more likely to drive leads. By creating all this content we are also increasing the number of internal links to our money pages and increasing the overall relevancy of our website for digital marketing topics.

Most marketers believe blogging is essential

OK. This is one of those conversations where your parent says “if they jumped off a cliff would you?” in the case of blogging the answer has to be “Yes!” The simple fact of this one is most businesses have some kind of blogging output and if you want to compete against them, it’s very likely you’re going to have to blog yourself in order to win the traffic that your competitors would otherwise get. For us, we’re an SEO and content marketing agency and that means we have to regularly create a lot of content in order to get cut-through in this industry, but in many industries, the amount of blogging you will need to do will be less. But it will be no less important.

Videos are important but don’t just put them on YouTube

Videos are becoming increasingly important and they should form part of your content marketing strategy, but whatever you do make sure you’re embedding those videos on a blog post on your website with a transcript of the post on the page. Remember, some people like to read and some people like to watch. And Google reads text when it crawls pages. Cover both bases.

Blogs provide an insight into what your company is all about

We believe in honesty, transparency and integrity. We approach everything we do with these values in mind. But sometimes it’s not that easy to get what makes you different from your competitors. Blogs are a great way to drip feed a bit of your business’ personality out there and your regular readers will increasingly understand who you are and what you’re all about.

You don’t have to produce huge amounts of long-form content

If you know anything about content marketing and SEO you’re probably going to have heard about long-form content. Long-form content is about producing content that’s over a certain length. It used to be over 1,000 words, these days many people say it’s 1,600 words. But you don’t always have to produce long-form content, in many industries short-form content still works very well and even in those industries where long-form content is prevalent, it’s still OK to produce some short-form content, because it may well be that that content length is right for the topic being covered.

Blogging is a medium-term strategy that offers long term benefits

In marketing, we’re always looking for the magic return on investment. We tend to be obsessed about it in a way our predecessors in the pre-internet era of marketing would never have been bothered by ROI. Blogging takes a long time to become effective but once you’ve got the basics in place your blog will drag in loads of potential customers, day and night, and the benefits of your efforts will last for years and years.

Blogging is cost-effective

The best kinds of marketing are often free. OK, no marketing is free but blogging is just about the time it takes to carry it out. Here at GrowTraffic we get our team members to add regular blogs to the website, so it only costs us a few hours worth of their time each week. Before that, we blogged regularly in our own spare time. Effectively this was free to the business. You can’t get a better ROI than that! Great eh?!

Blogging is central to your content marketing strategy

Whatever you want to do with content, your blog content is going to be the foundational content. If you’ve got campaigns doing out there you’re going to want to point people back to relevant pieces of content that reinforce the message you’re getting out there and that generally means getting people back to your blog.

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