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Why Did My Google Ads Conversions Suddenly Drop?

There can be a few different reasons why your AdWords conversions have dropped all of a sudden to simply nothing. More often than not, all of these reasons will include the budgetary considerations of your business. So before we go any further, we should discuss what has happened.

Establish The Day When Your AdWords Conversions Dropped To Zero

Click on your analytics and find out the exact day and time when your AdWords conversions dropped to a superficial level. The first clue is that something must have taken place on the specific day this happened.

Try to think back to whether you made any changes to your business website, such as updates. Ask any colleagues who work with you whether they can remember doing anything like this.

How To Find the Real Reason AdWords Conversions Have Dropped?

Having a sudden and no explanation as to why the AdWords conversions drop happened is terrifying. You are paying for the clicks that you get on your page, and so if this is happening, it will impact your leads and sales.

A conversion rate is one of those things where it is a two-sided problem; it has the function of helping generate traffic to your website and the site as a whole. This kind of process will take some time, but everything will fall into place once you have got the hang of it and know how to do it.

Check Your Conversion Tracking

The first and most crucial step is to go back and check your AdWords conversion tracking is working well enough. Tracking issues are the main reason why a sudden drop can happen.

Tracking may break at any given time and for any possible reason; unfortunately, this is part of the game in this kind of industry. There can be so many different reasons, either through someone doing this or a bad technical issue.

A plugin that you use has stopped working; an update has messed your entire website up, or a programme creates a lot of conflicts.

AdWords Changes That Made Your Conversions Drop

The main focus of this central point is what has changed to make your AdWords conversions drop out of nowhere. That has to do with the fact that you may have altered your ads somehow, and maybe you didn’t think it would affect your conversions.

If you made these changes and instantly saw a drop in your conversions, it would be pretty easy to guess the problem.

Think of it this way. All data tells you that changing information from A to B will mean that you should hopefully get an increase in your conversions.

If you make the change from A to B and see your AdWords conversions drop, it is then easy to see that you made this change, but you probably didn’t realise.

What Are The External Causes Of Dropped Conversions?

There are two known reasons why your AdWords conversions can drop: slowly and abruptly. The slow and gradual decline in your conversions is pretty natural. Then, over time your ads will their place in the market.

We are concerned about the abrupt, sharp declines that are happening with your AdWords conversions. Something that might have occurred in 24 hours or a few days is considered abrupt, whereas the marketing trends we know are measured in weeks, months and years.

So, what might be some of the causes of why your AdWords conversions have dropped without you needing to make any adjustments to have changed things. Here are a few different options.

  1. New competition is hitting the market
  2. Old competition is becoming more fierce
  3. Any scheduling you for about will end
  4. Seasonality changes are rearing their head
  5. Your budget has run out

How Many Googles?

Check Your Clicks and Impressions

If the ads you use are not showing, you will not be getting any AdWords conversions. The strategy behind this is very logical.

Because of this, ensure that you check the number of impressions that your page may have and make sure that there is no significant drop to the point that it will significantly affect your conversions.

If there is no change once you have tried this tactic, there might be something wrong with the actual tracking itself.

What Is The Reason For A Drop In Conversions That Is Often Found In A Change In The Distribution Of The Clicks?

The first thing you will need to consider is the type of keywords converted because of your low Google AdWords conversions and how you will see them on your site.

  1. Change the date to the previous month or the time frame that you are trying to figure out where it went wrong
  2. Click on the keywords and view them and take a look at the ones you used
  3. Set up a filter that only shows your keywords with the conversions
  4. Double check the click box above and select every single keyword
  5. Create and use a new label for the keywords you have used and call it “converted.”
  6. Then try changing the date to this month to see if it has made a difference and clicks.
  7. Cancel the filter and use the label you just made.

Why Did My Google Ads Conversions Suddenly Drop?

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