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Why Has Google Changed Desktop News View?

Google has updated how search results for recent news are displayed for users searching news items on desktop.

News searches on desktop were previously displayed in a carousel format but the new look is box-shaped – much like how results for a news-related search term are displayed to mobile users.

Now, when users search for a news-related term on Googe desktop they will see a wider range of sources, breaking and older related news. The stories will also be more varied as Google works out how to show users the widest range of stories connected to their search query.

Let’s look at an example…the biggest story in the media today:

google desktop news screenshot

The results shown offer multiple perspectives on #christmaspartygate – from the resignation of Allegra Stratton to the ever-important meme reporting.

Why Has Google Made Changes To Desktop News?

Google first introduced this format to mobile users in 2019 so this latest update will already be familiar to most and will bring the same experience to desktop users.

But why does Google consider this format better than the previous way news was displayed? Google News explained in a series of Tweets yesterday:

Google has simply improved the desktop news experience to match that of mobile users 🙂

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