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Why is Referring Keyword Showing “Not Provided” in Analytics?

Has there ever been a case where you wanted to see which type of keywords the users who visit and are interested in your website in Google Analytics, but it won’t let you do it?

Google Analytics is a great tool to have as it is mighty for getting to know your audience and having the chance to measure your website’s overall performance.

Why Is Keyword Not Provided In Google Analytics?

When you are not seeing a keyword provided in Google Analytics, this simply means that Google does not want you to have this type of data.

Why does it not show the keywords when you try to see your visitor’s use?

What Do Keywords Not Provided Mean For Your Website?

For starters, you will not be able to have a well-organised plan for your SEO strategy and also if you are not able to see these keywords and whether they are ranking on your main page and how the traffic is doing on your webpage.

Why Is Data Hidden And Not Provided?

This missing data leaves a hole in a business’s analytic reports and findings, making it challenging to figure out the bank of the keywords we usually rank in our searches.

Lucky for us, there are some ways around this to ensure that we can see all of these keywords and find out all of the areas of data that are behind this.


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How To Unlock These Unprovided Results?

Before this happens, it is a great idea to check how many of the keywords you use are listed as “not provided” and whether the levels of this are going up.

You will then need to figure out and see if this is worth going through all of these keywords.

And their results before moving forward, as the techniques you have previously used did not work.

Method 1: Know User’s Behaviour Through The Landing Pages

The first way to figure out what is going on is to check Google analytics for any other areas of information, maybe a list, for example.

Hopefully, this will reveal where all of these visitors stand and how they feel about your website.

Method 2: Use Traffic Sourced Data

With Google Analytics, there is a primary set of metrics that can help you decide on your most popular keywords. The SEO report is made to help you with these kinds of problems and the report overall.

How Does Keyword Hero Work?

Keyword hero pulls the data that is included in the Google search console. Then it uses many other data sources that help with the keywords and being able to see where they need to be improved to solve this.

How To unlock The Non- Provided Keywords Using Organic traffic insights

The leading solution would automatically merge all of the data from your known accounts and put them all into one central database, saving you the time and effort of going through many different solutions and keywords.

In more in-depth detail, the organic traffic can;

  1. Have a look at the main landing pages from your account and where these keywords that have not been provided will be located.
  2. Put all of this data together with the search queries you have found for each of these different pages.
  3. Add all of these keywords to the known pages, which helps to drive the right amount of traffic to the same type of pages.
  4. Ensures that you have a list of the keywords that have not been provided.

Google provides support for SME and government agencies during coronavirus

Bonus Non-Provided Keyword Help: Use A Platform Like Apollo Insights

A great option is to use something like Apollo Insights. They can find and process the right amount of data that has been found in analytics and other areas and locate them in a data resource.

This uses a machine and area of the algorithm to closely monitor and inform you of the different keyword opportunities you can have and all of the other threats that might come up and how this can be sorted out.

Why is Referring Keyword Showing “Not Provided” in Analytics?

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