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Why ‘It Depends’ Is An SEO Catchphrase

We value ourselves as straightforward speakers, and yet ‘it depends’ is an SEO catchphrase. In this blog, we will be answering some FAQs on our SEO services and explain why 9 times out of 10, we can’t give a clear answer.  

How Long Will It Be Until We Can Expect To See Results? 

This question is probably the main reason why it depends is an SEO catchphrase… 

In SEO, results don’t just happen overnight. The amount of time it takes for a strategy to be effective is determined by how much you are willing to commit to it- in terms of time and yes, money.  

When it comes to putting a timeframe on SEO, there are a bunch of factors that will quicken or extend the process. That includes-  

1. Goals 

How long it takes for SEO to work is highly influenced by what it is you want to achieve. If you have some pages on your site that need optimising, you will likely see improvements the next day. 

To implement a cohesive and sustainable strategy, it can take months of consistent effort to see positive change.  

Goals are usually focused on improving the ranking of target keywords and boosting organic traffic and conversions. Your metrics for success in these areas will determine how long it takes to achieve those goals. 

2. Resources 

Google’s algorithm updates have made it harder for developers to cut corners in their SEO strategy. The fact is that an effective strategy takes time. Depending on how much time you allocate for SEO improvements is affected by how much money you are also willing to invest. 

3. Strategy 

SEO is a multi-faceted endeavour. There is so much that can be done, so many avenues to go down, tactics to implement… Without a clear strategy, it is very easy to get lost.  

Establishing a clear strategy and prioritising specific tactics based on your business’s goals will impact how long it takes to see results.  

4. Competition 

Unfortunately, you are not the only one in the race. More and more businesses are not only building their online platform but also recognising the importance of SEO.  

The more competition there is for your business’s niche and target keywords, the longer it can take to see SEO results. In this instance, businesses that what to see quicker results may target lower-ranking keywords.  

5. Website History  

The domain authority of your website tends to be lower in its first year. If you have a new website, you will likely see more fluctuations in your rankings. That’s because Google is still trying to figure you out.  

Websites that have been live for longer tend to have a bit of an advantage, with already established authority and backlinks. SEO strategy may be more focused on tying loose ends, rather than building from the ground up. 

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What Metrics Define ‘Success’ For You?  

Good Question! I suppose it depends… 

Success in SEO strategies can be measured in a number of ways. Whatever the priority is for your business will determine how we measure the success of your strategy.  

Our SEO catchphrase comes for the many metrics we use to track a strategy’s progress, including-

1. Domain Authority  

A metric developed by MOZ, domain authority proves the quality of a website, which tells you how likely the content is likely to rank.  

2. Amount Of Ranking Keywords 

Your keyword landscape will determine how traffic arrives at your site. While you may not be achieving top 10 results for all your keywords, Google will be associating your business with more relevant topics and broadening your scope for search.  

3. Keyword Ranking Positions  

The higher you rank for target keywords, the more visible your business is on SERPs. Observing the rise in rankings for target keywords is a clear metric for success.  

4. SERP Impressions 

The Google Search Console allows you to see how many impressions your content receives for landing pages, specific search queries and site-wide. You could measure success through impressions, above rankings, as an indication of how visible you are.  

5. Organic Traffic 

One of the main reasons people implement SEO is to increase organic traffic, so it makes sense for this to be a metric for success. You can track this using Google Analytics.  

6. Engagement 

Some clients are concerned with keeping visitors on site for longer, fostering better interactions and good user experience. Engagement rate is a clear measure of how successfully a website has been designed and whether your content is appealing to your target audience.  

7. Conversion Rate 

Much like engagement rate, conversion rate calculates how much traffic converts to your desired action, whether that be a donation, purchase, enquiry, or sign-up. For many businesses choosing to invest in SEO, the end goal is to boost conversion rates, so measuring this is key.  

How Much Do Your Services Cost? 

By now you know the SEO catchphrase… Funnily enough, it depends…  

When it comes to GrowTraffic’s services, time/workload and costs go very much hand in hand. If you’re looking for faster results, it will take an increased workload to get you there. So, this will cost more. 

However, if you’re looking for steady, consistent growth then we have options for that too.  

Our services are highly customisable and fully tailored to your needs, your goals, and your business. If you have a budget that you strictly can’t go over, we can work to that. Albeit the smaller the budget, the longer it will take to see results. But something is better than nothing.  

Our Business Essentials package caters for all businesses, big or small. No matter what, when it comes to growing your digital platform, you need to get the basics down to a T. 

image of business essentials package for blog Why ‘it depends’ is an SEO catchphrase

GrowTraffic Can Help  

We hope you can now see why ‘it depends’ is an SEO catchphrase. There’s an incomprehensible number of variables that go into SEO. But that’s not something you need to worry about…  

Our team of SEO experts have the skillset and tools to provide services to you that won’t leave you uncertain or guessing. Together, we can align your goals, measures for success, and budget, with our knowledge to bring forth a clear strategy.  

Embedded into everything we do is our core values. At GrowTraffic, we are not interested in giving out false promises. That’s why we will be honest with you, about why ‘it depends’ and what it depends on.  

If you’re looking to work with an SEO agency with integrity, or want to know more of our SEO catchphrases, then contact us today and let’s have a chat! 

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