Why Nobody Is Clicking Your Affiliate Links and How to Fix It

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Why Nobody Is Clicking Your Affiliate Links and How to Fix It

Affiliate links, on the surface, are great. An easy way to boost your revenue is by sending traffic to a site. They’re successful moneymakers when they are clicked. This blog is going to highlight the reasons why nobody is clicking your affiliate links and our top tips on how to fix it.

Why Are Your Affiliate Links Not Getting Clicks?

There are several reasons why nobody is clicking your affiliate links. And several ways in which you can fix that! Follow our guide to see the most common mistakes people make when it comes to affiliate links.

When getting into affiliate marketing, you must set up your site and the links in the best way to earn the best results.

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It’s not all doom and gloom – with the correct knowledge, affiliate marketing can soar and make a real difference to individuals.

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Light up arrowsYour Site Lacks Traffic

Of course, when you gather affiliate links, you aim to drive people to those sites for you to gain revenue. Firstly, however, people need to be seeing your site to follow the link! A blog post with a few affiliate links won’t do much if nobody is reading it. The most common problem is a lack of site traffic.

How To Fix It

Not everyone who visits your site is going to click the links, that’s a given. But building loyalty and trust with your users is a way of encouraging them. Start slow. Users don’t want to visit a site once and be monetized straight away. Do your research, know what you’re discussing, get the traffic in and then introduce affiliate links.

Plus, we can help your site grow traffic (shameless plug)!

Off-Topic Links

User experience is at the crux of any website or blog post. Stopping the rhythm of the user with a random link mid content is enough to deter them. In essence, it’s a form of spam.

How To Fix It

Share or write something that links to where you’re trying to take the traffic. We advise you to affiliate with brands or sites that you are passionate about, that way, it’s easy to create authentic content surrounding the links.

No Call To Action

Users often need to be told to do something. Calls to action (CTA) stand out on a page and so affiliate links without a CTA may very often get missed and skimmed over by the reader.

How To Fix It

It’s simple, include a CTA! Whether it be a simple ‘buy now’ or something more detailed and niche, it’s important to purposely drive the traffic to the site to gain the most out of your links.

You can read more about generating more successful conversions here.

woman ready to buy onlineNo Added Benefit

Alongside the what (a CTA), users want to know the why. Why should they buy the product through you? This is another way of building a relationship with the user. If you offer nothing extra, users will go directly to the site themselves, without the need for your links.

How To Fix It

Give them something extra! Tell them why your link is best. Can you offer discounts, additional value to the product, and ease? Users are looking for an easy answer to their questions, so if your site gives it to them, they will use your links.

Front Loaded Links

Links at the top of an article, are likely to get ignored. The user is programmed to jump straight to the main body of content to find their answers. Front-loading in your writing is effective, get straight to the point. However, segregating a link from the content means it will be easily missed.

How To Fix It

Experiment with positions to see where the link gets the most clicks. Embedding the links within the content is the best way for people to both notice and trust it. Tell them what it is and why they need it before sending them there.

photo of hands in the airYou’re Reaching The Wrong Audience

Sites that throw affiliate links at everyone won’t achieve clicks. Sometimes the traffic to your site is different to the audience you anticipated. Affiliate links for luxury cruises will most probably get ignored if your site audience is 16-18-year-olds.

How To Fix It

Research your audience and tailor your links. If your site or blog isn’t designed to speak to the correct audience, the links will get missed. You must understand the demographic of your traffic to get the most out of your affiliate links.

These reasons are common, many affiliates go into the market thinking it’s just an easy way to make money. It can be if you take our advice!

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