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Why proofreading is important for SEO

The Internet is a competitive marketplace and you cannot succeed in it without extraordinary or unique content. No matter, whether you own a website or blog, content is king and always will sit on its throne. Regardless of the glim of graphics or the excellence of strategically placed images, if your site doesn’t offer well written and compelling content then the visitor will rapidly exit and dubiously return.

The SEO Importance of Proofreading

We all know that proofreading is an important issue, not only for ensuring the overall quality of the text but also for the purpose of SEO. The rankings in a search engine are determined by a number of factors including the relevance and importance of the content. No matter how much you’ve targeted the keywords in the text, if the content has no readability or if it has no relevance, believe me, you are giving an opportunity to your competitors to take over your potential business. The content which has spelling errors, typos or grammar issues will be less effective in being able to grow traffic to your website.

Here are some other good reasons that clearly describe why proofreading is important for SEO and why it works like a charm:


Proofreading is not an option but it is an essential factor if you want to stay at the top of the search engines and improve the conversion rate of your website. Proofreading is a necessary thing when it comes to ensuring the accuracy as it’s an opportunity to reread and reconsider what has been written.

Let’s face it, we are all humans and we are prone to make mistakes. While drafting or typing we typically miss type many of our own words. It is a wise approach to have a professional proofreader that can maintain the readability of the content and also correct the typos or grammar errors.

WRITE error-free content to impress GOOGLE:

Google loves unique, quality SEO optimized content. This is because a well written, compelling content not only helps to boost your search engine rankings but also provides the potential to increase your traffic flow. Whereas, poor content or low-quality content will negatively affect your search rankings.


In the recent digital landscape, content is the key to develop or increase your business’ reputation. By creating hard-hitting calls-to-action or relevant content you are giving potential clients a reason to keep coming back. The content itself holds enough potential to make or break your site’s following. So, make sure to put the kind of great on your website that your visitors will love to read.

Word processors do not work well with grammar:

Many people, especially webmasters believe that their word processors are effective enough to deal with all spelling and grammar errors. They believe that a simple software program can rectify all their typos or readability issues, but they have no ability to make the content make sense. These word processors or online proofreading solutions can only correct mistakes or typos to some extent. Whilst most processors have rudimentary grammar tools, they are no guarantee for readability and it’s important for a person to read through it. This simply shows that human intelligence is still (for now) far better than the software in terms of accuracy.

Some Recommended Platforms for Proofreading the content:

If you are a blogger or content marketer, you should be aware of how important the quality of content is to drive traffic and attract readers. Many of us spend a significant amount of time in deciding the niche, writing content, targeting the keywords or optimizing the SEO but we usually overlook an essential part – PROOFREADING. It not only allows your readers to enjoy the quality, but it also drives traffic, boosts your conversion rate and helps you in generating sales.

Creating error free SEO optimized content is a critical and delicate task as it takes so much effort and time to create worthy content. But, luckily there are a number of well-respected copywriters and proofreaders out there (of which GrowTraffic is one) and if you have a website or blog, you can easily get affordable and great service from them.


Hirewriters is an article/content writing company. It provides a reliable and safe environment for content writers and clients. As a client, you will find many skilled writers that are ready to write error-free content on any topic according to your specified requirements. Apart from content writing, you can also use hire writers for proofreading, research, press release writing, Facebook fan page posts, content rewriting, paraphrasing, data entry or more.


Dotwriter is a platform that connects the buyers and article writers. It was established in January 2015. It gives clients an opportunity to buy error-free – unique content, either by developing custom requests or to buy it directly from the site’s marketplace. The website is user-friendly and the service is easy to use. All you have to do is, create an account, place your request and get the content of your choice at the very economical rates.

BKA content proofreader:

BKA is one of the best and most talented provider of custom content writing and proofreading services in today’s marketplace. The company was established in 2010 with the goal of helping buyers to access the superior proofreading or editing services, particularly for their websites or blogs. Since its inception, the company has evolved greatly with thousands of different clients with their content needs. They are backed by a team of professional writers or proofreaders who are able to proofread any type of content that you need.

Some Important Tips for Proofreading:

  • Before publishing the content, always remember to proofread it. It can minimize the chances of analyzing the typing errors.
  • Edit as soon as you find the mistake, don’t wait until you read the entire document.
  • Hire a proofreader.

Speak to a professional proofreader:

The key thing is if you want to truly get the most from your SEO you should always proofread the content you’re setting live. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about GrowTraffic’s seo proofreading service.

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